Imagine that Shahrukh is a living example in the Dragon Ball world, and what Du Yu can do is to create a more excellent and powerful bloodline than Shahrukh.

In the eyes of Du Yu, it would be a great thing if he could get Saiyan descent from Sun Wushen.
Du Yu has recovered to its peak at the moment because of the resurrection state of Resurrection A, and Sun Wu is already in a weak state because of an ultra-limit tortoise qigong wave. It is the best chance to defeat Sun Wu if Du Yu stops stimulating and provoking the other side to oppress his bloodline.
"enlightenment! Go on! Let’s divide the game into winners and losers! "
Falling demon knife tooth month returned to Du Yu’s hand and giant tooth month pointed to Sun Wu.
"Uncle! Stop fighting! You won this game! "
Sun Wu changed his aggressive character before, but refused to compete with Du Yu again. In Sun Wu’s eyes, he had seen the strength of Du Yu’s moves. Although he was sure to beat Du Yu, he didn’t have the strength to fight again.
Besides, former Du Yu has repeatedly told Sun Wu the importance of winning or losing the game to Du Yu.
Sun Wu is a one-track mind, seemingly silly, but at the critical moment, he can also tell his priorities to know that there is no need to compete with Du Yu again.
"ding! The 3-star card defeated the Dragon Ball World Sun Wu to complete the ability to randomly select the plot character Sun Wu. "
"ding! Succeeded in extraction to obtain low-level Saiyan descent. "
"After strengthening the exclusive lineage of Dragon Ball World, the physical strength of the host is greatly enhanced, and the potential value of the host is greatly enhanced to gain a new ability" Qi ""
"The exclusive ability of the dragon ball is a kind of force similar to the destructive power of the energy body."
"Showing bloodline will change the appearance characteristics of the host, so please strengthen it carefully."
When Du Yu was dumbfounded, Sun Wu had disappeared before his eyes. With the VR system, Du Yu knew that he had completed the first room card.
And Du Yu extracted his most wanted lineage from Sun Wushen-Saiyan lineage.
However, this Saiyan lineage is the lowest Saiyan lineage, which is far from the super Saiyan lineage in the anime.
If Du Yu remembers correctly, Sun Wu, the owner of low-level Saiyan descent, had a fighting capacity of 2 when he was born, while an ordinary man with a gun had a fighting capacity of 5 points.
It is said that Du Yu’s hand is a low-level Saiyan lineage, although it is possible, but his eyes are really not strong
But even so, Du Yu decided to strengthen the Saiyan lineage without hesitation after getting this low-level Saiyan lineage.
As I said before, although the Saiyan lineage has great disadvantages, Dan Duyu’s withering vines help these weaknesses to be well compensated.
Therefore, Du Yu decided that the Saiyan lineage was based, and then Du Xue was assisted by every spring vine to master the gene fusion technology to create the strongest lineage.
The first step is to strengthen the Saiyan lineage into the strongest lineage of Du Xueyuan, which is the most basic sample of the plan.
"Strengthening the lineage of lower Saiyans"
Du Yu will be in the hands of a bloody ball that represents the blood power, and suddenly crush a tyrannical and earth force and rush to Du Yu.
Seeing that Du Yu’s appearance has changed with the naked eye, the darker his hair becomes and he grows into a unique Saiyan hairstyle. Vegeta’s hairstyle is very similar.
He also grew a slender tail dancing around his waist at the tailbone.
"This is the Saiyan power? !”
Du Yu tried to clench his fists and found a feeling of strength that he had never felt before coming from his body.
The new energy "Qi" from the bloodline rushed to Du Yu from his somatic cells, and his hands were beating like arrogance.
"This is gas? ! The force is very similar, but one is in the cell and one is in the abdomen meridian. "
Du Yu feels that the difference of strength is also white. What "gas" is more destructive than strength?
Cell "Qi" not only has energy value far exceeding strength, but also has destructive power. Compared with strength, it lacks great flexibility to nourish the flesh.
It is no wonder that the fighting in the Dragon Ball world is greatly combined with the fighting method, and even with the strength, there are cases of being injured and seriously injured.
Du Yu’s thinking in this way is also an idea that he wants to combine the nine yin and nine yang forces of the Dragon Ball World to complement each other and see if there can be another breakthrough.
After all, Du Yu naturally wants to add some strength to his own strength because he has such conditions to obtain two kinds of strength that will never meet in the future.
However, it seems that Du Yu will experience a card when he has an hour’s rest.
From time to time, it was not enough for him to carry out research, so Du Yu put the matter on hold until it was time to think about it.
Du Yu, who got a new body, became interested in his body.
The feeling of Du Yu fiddling with his extra tail is hard to describe. This Saiyan iconic tail gives cuckoo a feeling like an arm.
See Du Yuli a pinch a limp and numb pleasure all over Du Yushen with Du Yu then feel lost power.
"Sure enough? Low-level Saiyan weaknesses have also been inherited? !”
Du Yu freed his tail from his hands and wrapped it around his waist.
Seeing Du Yu’s knowledge of the sea spirit, he flashed and covered his tail with a smoke screen.
Du Yuke didn’t like his personalized hair, and it turned into a lean short hair when the wind blade rolled over it.
"then what kind of world is a card!"
Chapter one hundred and fourteen The second card room
Du Yu sat cross-legged and ruined. Sun Wu, the first martial arts venue in Tiandi, was frozen with the completion of the card.
And Du Xuezheng next to Du Yu is holding some syringe-like instruments. Du Yu’s arm draws blood and fills it with the first red blood flowing into the instruments.
Du Xue sealed it in a sealed box braving liquid ammonia air conditioning.
"Boss, you are too hasty to strengthen your bloodline!" Du Xue analyzed from another angle: "Although the Saiyan lineage is very strong, have you ever considered its duality?"? !”
"It’s no joke if we get genes through gene extraction technology and you are not of the same blood!"
Du Yu was stupefied. He was not as rigorous as Du Xue when considering the problem. He selectively believed that Du Xue could solve the problem of Du Xue’s pedigree and problems.
However, Du Yu is not worried about this problem, because the Saiyan descent also belongs to the theory of human descent, and sex should still be very good.
"Don’t worry too much and don’t wait for you to collect excellent genes, and you will know that it is a wave time to guess blindly here."
Du Yu slowly got up and patted the dust down and slowly walked to the front of him. The metal delivery door with full sense of science and technology estimated that an hour was coming.
"The second room! I don’t know what kind of world a card is. "
Stepping into the delivery door, Du Yu, the income of Du Xue, feels that the surrounding scenery has changed.
Du Yu has come to a new environment from the first martial arts venue in the world.
Knock! Knock! Knock!