You can get twice the result with half the effort if you join the Qingcheng School and lay a solid foundation before learning other swordsmanship.

At this time, Xingyun chose this slow-handed nine-style instead of his best breeze and shower 16-style because he didn’t want to demonstrate his martial arts in front of these probably enemies. Now it’s just a proof that he can perform joint fencing. How can they demonstrate the breeze and shower 16-style by the way?
However, it is this slow-handed nine-style double sword combination that makes the land tiger and tiger look impressive.
First, Yun Yun is perfunctory. It’s ok to use this set of introductory swordsmanship, but I don’t think this combination of swordsmanship makes Yun Yun feel a lot of things that I didn’t notice before.
Xingyun hasn’t practiced the slow-handed nine-style since Manglietia came. Even before that, he practiced and didn’t learn anything. It’s better to teach Muwu Taoist than to learn the six-style boxing. Xingyun naturally can’t learn anything.
And since I worshipped Manglietia, I’ve been practicing Jade Virtual Skill, and Yuan Sirong has taken the magic of cutting face and walking in the clouds, and learning the law of sword is the best breeze and shower in Qingcheng fencing. Manglietia certainly knew that the foundation should be laid first, but it was better to be closer to Qingcheng than too much at that time.
However, although there was some progress when the Chinese grandmasters and grandfathers practiced together, it was more about the experience of the enemy, and it was also very hasty at that time
After the rapid development of this swordsmanship defect is inconspicuous, it has reached the soul level and the combined swordsmanship is more powerful. These factors have been covering up the defects of this swordsmanship.
The predecessors of the clouds often make it almost a breeze and a shower against the enemy. In the sixteenth style, the main attack rain tactic rarely makes the wind tactic, which is because the force is enough, and the rain tactic is even more fierce and fierce. Compared with the wind tactic, it is much more difficult to master, and most of them are on the defensive.
Today, I played the slow-handed nine-style fencing for the first time, but I also accidentally realized a lot of fencing. I thought carefully, "I was more trying to win by brute force or borrowing the speed of fencing, but I was poor at practicing fencing."
This set of slow-handed nine-style walking clouds makes me more ashamed, but I am more happy. It took me so long to realize that the beauty of these swords is ridiculous. I was secretly proud before, but it is also worth being happy. After all, it is a great benefit for walking clouds to notice later, but it is much better than not noticing. Then fencing progress can be expected.
In fact, Yun Yun used to learn from the slow-handed nine-style, and it is not necessarily that he has today’s feelings. Now, with strength and experience, he can naturally realize more true marrow. Some true marrow is beyond the slow-handed nine-style, but it is just a guide to understand his lack of swordsmanship.
The clouds are making the lingering finish face the sword gate, and the expressions of all people are constantly changing.
After seeing Xingyun’s swordsmanship, everyone witnessed it with their own eyes. After that, their personal expression was very different from that of Xingyun’s show, but few people would pay attention to it.
These people are soul-level masters of Qingcheng Mountain. Of course, they can’t get into their eyes, and naturally they can see that the clouds are not better than other swordsmanship, which means not to talk about it.
But no one expected that the young man would not stop this kind of introductory swordsmanship as soon as he started it. It turned out to be faster, faster, more urgent and smoother. When he looked at it again, these people gradually turned white and looked at each other. The eyes were all saying the word "Wu Jian!"
It is better to learn the sword than to realize that swordsmanship is dead but alive. For the living, you can’t win unless you are really much better at martial arts than him.
But this enlightenment sword says that it is easy to really do it, but it is not many. It is not deliberate, and it is not wise to realize it. It is more about fate. It is said that knowing the enlightenment sword can really be done if there are many people like the Ganges sand, but there are not many.
But this young man is realizing the sword!
The more carefree the clouds are, the more they can be combined with swordsmanship, but they can’t make this tea fleeting for a long time, but it’s a pity that Wu Jian missed it by chance, so it will be difficult to have it again. But if Yun Yun doesn’t exert his combined swordsmanship, he may not be able to realize that this drink and peck has its own destiny and can’t be forced.
The true qi gradually felt out of the cloud, although it was really reluctant to part with this wonderful realm, but it also had to accept the sword potential, return it to the scabbard and return it to the abdomen.
At this time, Xiao Shouchen’s voice rang in the clouds’ ears, and he came to worship the patriarch’s double cultivation technique.
Over a hundred years in the mountains (Chapter 22)
The clouds turned around and saw that twenty people looked weird. The old man thought he was very happy, but he burst into tears and frowned. Many strange things were weird.
Then Xiao Shouchen laughed again, "Nature is the patriarch, so please come in and talk."
With that, he turned his hand to his side and stood still. It was very respectful to others, regardless of their expressions. Twenty soul-level experts divided the road around to let the travel cloud know which play they were singing.
Look at these people divided into two sides, the old man crying with joy. At this time, tears and snot are still hanging on his face, but he did not wipe it there.
Clouds see that they don’t stop being humble, and they know that if they don’t go in, they will freeze here, so they should go in first.
After being captured to demonstrate a set of joint swordsmanship, he became a patriarch. At this time, he felt a series of inexplicable things in his heart, but it seems that Xiao Shouchen has a good idea that these things will have a reasonable explanation.
Entering the room, the guest and the host are another problem, and the clouds darken their hearts to "If you want me to sit, I’ll sit." When they sit in front of the clouds, these people are inseparable and the enemy is more likely, and the clouds have nothing to be polite to them.
Xiao Shouchen, a walking cloud, was unexpectedly not sitting on the left hand side of the first walking cloud, but he was an old man. Although he was old, he was moved and calm since walking cloud saw him. Although ordinary, he made people feel awe.
Sitting on the right hand of the walking cloud is the old man who is so happy that he is crying. At this time, he has wiped the tears clean, but he looks good! Even when people are old, their high spirits and mighty spirit are still the same as before.
"I didn’t expect such a person to cry because he saw his own fencing," said Xing Yunxin.
Xiao Shouchen is sitting on the left hand side of the cloud, and the others are also arranged according to their seats.
Clouds look at this row, and it’s weird. "That Xiao Shouchen is the head of this sword gate, but there are two people in front of him. Even if the host is older than the head, he can’t exceed the number of seats." This secondary cloud is really incomprehensible.
When you sit still, the clouds will not talk about what is going on here. If you know what to do, you will naturally have them. However, sitting in the main seat, the clouds are dark to the heart, "What kind of patriarch does I seem to be higher than the master of Chaojianmen?"
They sat down in Xiao Shouchen’s mouth and said, "The patriarch must have a lot of doubts at this time. Then Shouchen will explain to the patriarch what Guo Lao and Qin Lao think?"
Xiao Shouchen asked the two old people who were sitting in the first place of the right-hand man. After listening to Xiao Shouchen’s inquiry, they all nodded their heads and agreed.
Seeing that they had no opinion, Xiao Shouchen smiled at Xingyun. "Can the patriarch show his name before explaining here?"
Xiao Shouchen got all the reports, and the name of the cloud was indeed known. Today, it is really slippery to recognize someone as the patriarch but not know the name. It is natural for Xiao Shouchen to ask first.
Clouds smell speech and stare blankly. This road number has been the same as his name since he was five years old. After calling, he didn’t see anything inconvenient. Clouds turned out to have never noticed that Xiao Shouchen asked his name at this time. Clouds instead meditated.
Before he was five years old, he didn’t seem to have any name. The little beggar didn’t need any name, and no parents said that he thought of it here. Master Muwu’s shadow was so dark that "I don’t know the name of Master Muwu’s laity."
Road flyover Muwu’s father followed his surname in the mind of a walking cloud, which is also natural for a walking cloud. But it seems that he was taken into Qingcheng Mountain from an early age as a walking cloud, and the name of the road flyover was even more puzzling, and he sank into "My surname is all right, and the name of the road flyover is both my road number and my name."
Xiao Shouchen felt a little ironic when he got this answer. "Is this new suzerain’s name actually an idea?"
When the cough arrives, "since it means patriarch, we will all remember it. Now Shouchen will come to patriarch to explain about our sect."
Pointing to himself, it must be clear that Shouchen Sect is called the patriarch of Chaojianmen, and this Guo Lao is the head of Tianjianmen, and Qin Lao is the head of Shenjianmen. Our three heavenly swords, Excalibur and Chaojian are in order, and one patriarch is you and you are the fourth generation patriarch of Wanjianzong.
Clouds which think of yourself this puzzling patriarch was so severe? There are three sects in their own hands?
Look at the soul master in this hall. This sword gate is so powerful. If you add the other two sects, this strength is more than Shaolin.
It can completely turn the whole Wulin upside down!
It’s almost impossible to think of the noble people in this valley who seem to have a blood feud.
Xiao Shouchen continued, "Has the patriarch ever heard of the Central Plains War 200 years ago?"
The clouds heard the words and nodded, "I have heard about it, but I don’t know much about it. At that time, there was an evil sect that attacked the Central Plains in Wulin. After the First World War, the Songshan League appeared in the rivers and lakes for 200 years."
"Lies!" Xiao Shouchen was angry and said that other people sitting here were also indignant. Guo Lao, the head of Tian Jianmen, who was called by Xiao Shouchen, was still motionless.
After a pause, Xiao Shouchen was a little embarrassed to say that "it was Shouchen who was angry at the moment, not to say that the patriarch was not strange, the patriarch was not strange".
Walking clouds are in these people’s territory, how can they be torn apart by a few words? When nature won’t do anything.
Xiao Shouchen simply said in the hall, "Two hundred years ago, this Wulin Sect was the first to push me! Then came Shaolin Wudang, and at that time, I, Wan Jianzong, was an example of the correct path in Wulin. What evil sect could harm Wulin? At that time, we were the third generation patriarch Shen Zongzhu, and Shen Zongzhu’s martial arts were unparalleled and even more talented!
What, every few decades, there will be chaos in this Jianghu? That’s because the so-called right path will also fight for interests. If there is no external force to oppress those sects, they will fight and give those evil sects a breathing space! And because they consume each other, evil factions can make a comeback!
Otherwise, what evil faction is just a sect, and he can fight all the right ways together. "
Clouds heard that the heart is dark to "whether this ten thousand swords Sect is decent or not, but look at their scale now, which was stronger than Shaolin Wudang. I’m afraid it’s true that the reason for the dispute between good and evil is really as Xiao Shouchen said? Although the Chinese teacher Zuzhi has said that the Songshan League also has constraints and big factions are intended to "
Thinking of this, the cloud said, "Do you mean that the evil sects have caused the Wulin to be decent and wrong?"
Xiao Shouchen didn’t answer directly, but laughed, "Can the patriarch think about the right path, prosperity and evil faction?"
Clouds didn’t continue to talk.