According to such well-established tactics, our own losses can be greatly reduced, and at the same time, the advantages of artillery can greatly increase enemy casualties, which is very conducive to maintaining the continuous combat capability of the Shenji camp

Looking at it, it’s almost time for the flying tiger to nod his head to the soldiers around him and signal that the gun group can fire.
The general cannon, who has never been to the battlefield, is finally going to show its glory here.
The long and desolate horn sounded leisurely, and the leaders of the general gun groups roared and reached the launch order. The gun group members stuffed the iron bullets into the muzzle and lit the fuse.
The flying tiger motioned Xu Tong to cover his ears like he did, and Xu Tong did the same and covered his ears.
He came to think that it seemed a bit unnecessary to do so, and he felt that it would be useless if the sound rang again, but when the explosion and sudden earthquake shook him all over, he realized that it was reasonable for the Flying Tigers to let him do so.
Even though he covered his ears and cracked, he still penetrated his palm and stimulated his eardrum, which made him feel a palpitation.
Because of the great movement, the sense of motion of the great earthquake was actually given to him through the soles of his feet.
A huge white air mass suddenly burst and the whole artillery position was filled with a lot of white smoke.
And at the forefront of the line of sight, he seemed to see that a huge iron bullet wrapped in a strong airflow flew away and fell to the ground, which would stop it. The wooden military camp in Song Jun smashed and smashed the hapless soldiers who did not hide in Song Jun to pieces and bones.
This is also the case.
At such a distance, even if the shells were within the effective range of the general gun, it would be a sudden collapse of the Song Jun military village.
Many Song Jun soldiers were directly hit by shells and instantly completed the transformation from three-dimensional to two-dimensional and realized their own artistry
There are also some Song Jun soldiers who have not been directly hit, but the impact of the shells falling to the ground is huge, which directly tears their bodies and blooms one after another with enchanting and cruel blood.
Some soldiers farther away were not two-dimensional or torn apart, but the huge impact still lifted them up to do ultra-low flying action and then smashed some obstacles
Unlucky was directly shocked by the reaction, spitting blood and dying on the spot. Fortunately, I fell to the ground and rolled a few times. I felt that my insides were displaced and almost lost my fighting capacity.
It’s natural selection that this situation can still maintain combat effectiveness and not die.
However, there are also weak spirits in the natural selection, and they are directly hit by such a wave of dimensionality reduction. Although the body is not dead, the spirit is dead.
General artillery shells are several times heavier than general artillery shells, and the amount of gunpowder fired is also several times larger. The launching power is far more than that of general artillery shells, which is enough to destroy these military villages, not to mention the special target of Xiangyang, a city general artillery.
First, the battlefield of the general artillery is to increase the combat experience of the general artillery group and make them more familiar with their own weapons.
Second, in order to speed up the progress of the battle and compress the whole battle, it will reduce the country’s need for this battle to bear economic losses.
Such a simple and frugal concept is certainly beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.
Although Xu Tong is one of our own, he has never seen such a cruel man. His brain is white and he is at a loss with the murder weapon.
Of course, just like Xu Tong, the brain is at a loss, and Joo Won , the main commander of Song Jun Fancheng and former acting coach.
From his perspective, he can clearly see the Song Jun military camp destroyed by military artillery shells.
At that time, he was patrolling the city head, overlooking and trying to see the army platoon, and then he was horrified to see that several military camps in the north direction had been hit by strange blows. After a tower of a military camp was attacked, it collapsed directly, and the military camp was almost destroyed in an instant.
What’s even more strange is that if the thunder roared like thunder, he didn’t reach his ears until he saw the scene of the military camp being severely hit.
What is that?
Joo Won  doesn’t know.
At the same time, several officers and soldiers of Dongcheng Tower also witnessed the scene that several military camps were attacked by terrorists. The solid military camps were destroyed and 77 was a mess.
Although the distance is far, they can’t see it really, but the whole building was hit and damaged, maybe they still saw it.
That’s a moment, that’s a moment.
In the past, if such a situation happened, it must have been done by a trebuchet or the fact that it was a very large trebuchet. Song Junjun Village anticipated such a situation and made some plans for the trebuchet attack rather than for the munitions attack.
But all this seems meaningless.
Joo Won  was shocked and immediately sent someone out of the city to ask about the specific situation, and then brought the latest news to him. More and more generals also boarded Fancheng Chengtou and looked at this horrible scene with indecision.
Once the attack of Shenji camp is over, it will not be easy to end the general gun. Although it takes more time to readjust the angle, compact the land and water it to cool down every time it is launched, its great power is still real.
Xu Tong and the Flying Tigers saw with their own eyes that the shells fired by the general guns quickly penetrated the front defense of a Song Jun military village, and there was a dust in it. The military village suddenly fell to the ground and the people in the building didn’t know how many people were still alive.
At the same time, he has two general guns in each direction, which thundered and deafened the cannon of Fancheng’s defense circle exhibition.
Xu Tong hasn’t reacted yet. The three rounds of bombardment have ended, and the general gun has been completed. The next step is to cool down, maintain and clean the chamber and adjust it to a launching position, and so on.
The next thing belongs to the general gun group of the chariot ride and the remaining riding and musketeers of the Shenji camp.
The flying tigers led the troops forward, and Xu Tong followed the flying tigers forward until they could clearly see the terrible situation of the Song army barracks destroyed by the general guns, and the flying tigers stopped the troops from moving forward.
Ride the general’s gun car, assemble the forward gun, fill the ammunition, adjust the shooting direction and angle, and prepare for shooting.
After a drill, the flying tigers arrived and ordered the car to ride the general gun to launch.
The movement of the general gun is much smaller than that of the general gun. The flying tiger didn’t wake up Xu Tong to cover his ears, but the thunder roar still made Xu Tong not adapt very well.
Despite this, the shelling of the general riding a car was quite successful.
The general gun is equivalent to destroying the main structure of Song Jun’s military village. Before riding the general gun, it is necessary to destroy him, which can threaten the army to enter the tall buildings and attack and deter the soldiers of Song Jun in the military village
Xu Tongcai realized that he also had a clairvoyant eye when he saw the Flying Tigers picking up a clairvoyant eye to watch the situation of the Song Jun military camp. Only then did he see the soldiers running around the Song Jun military camp.
There are still many people alive, which seems to make the flying tigers not satisfied.
So the Flying Tigers ordered more shelling, rode a general gun and fired a volley, which could completely destroy the Song Junjun village in front of the horizontal plane, and completely destroyed the buildings that had not fallen down.
Towering watchtower and watchtower were destroyed by shells, and they fell like being broken. Song Jun soldiers in the military camp were hit by the landing waves of shells, and they had no resistance.
The interweaving of smoke and dust has brought extremely heavy casualties to the defenders of Song Jun in the military village.
However, at this moment, they did not bring even a little damage to the army.
Not even a crossbow or a bed crossbow.
They don’t know the new firearms of the army, and they don’t know that the army has won many battles with these firearms and accumulated rich combat experience.
The kinetic energy and direct angle brought by gunpowder explosion were much stronger than those of cold weapons, which quickly destroyed the solid wooden structure military camp. This black technology, which does not belong to this era, quickly tore up the Song Jun defense line of the military camp and defeated their fighting will
And it’s not over yet, or it’s just beginning.
Chapter 147 Xiangyang City and Fancheng Break Close at hand
Song Jun’s military camp, which was completely destroyed, could no longer resist the attack of Shenji camp.
Defensive facilities destroyed by artillery can no longer give even a little cover to the military village of Song Jun.
Until this time, the infantry and musketeers did not act.
The standard musket phalanx is rapidly formed, and they advance faster step by step.
When Song Jun soldiers crying and running in the ruins of the military camp entered the range of muskets, the musketeers raised their muskets and fired.
A series of explosive sounds of gunpowder rose from the range with a cloud of smoke. Song Jun soldiers were fiercely hit by lead bullets
Suddenly Xu Tong felt as if he had seen a mass of blood, and the soldiers in Song Jun were blooming.
Those Song Jun soldiers were hit by irregular lead bullets, even if they were wearing armor, they were hit and fell to the ground bleeding, not to mention those soldiers who were not wearing armor
They can’t stop the musket firing in any way.
The musket phalanx has been advancing all the way, and there are fewer and fewer soldiers in Song Jun who survived the artillery bombardment.