"I didn’t report back," Xiao Li said, "but Wang Gonggong has finished handling Li Fang’s affairs and should be back in a couple of days."

In two days?
Isn’t it the time of unified settlement?
Wei Yun implement nodded immediately also didn’t say much.
Imperial room stayed for a while and didn’t choose to go to Dan room.
Dahuan Dan is being refined, and it will take a while to get out of the furnace. There is no way. The more advanced Dan medicine is refined, the more trouble it will be.
Now all he can do is wait.
Waiting for the refining of Dan medicine to succeed
Waiting for unified settlement
to tell the truth
Wei Yun Yi is still a little panicked.
I can’t do anything now, but I can pray
Pray that the old father-in-law, Longyang House, was in great trouble because of the resistance of the gentry …
Pray that this settlement will ruin the fate …
Chapter ninety-four Bad news, bad luck and skyrocketing!
Two days later,
Wei Yun Yi did almost nothing.
Waiting for the settlement day to come
So he almost always notes from Longyangfu to the throne.
I’m glad that maybe it’s because of the political reform that everyone is opposed.
Especially in Jiangnan area.
Very early in the morning
Some ministers at the court came forward to persuade them to stop the political reform, saying that it would cause big problems.
Obviously speaking at this time must also represent the interests of the cremation.
The last thing they want is to go on.
Wei Yun Yi is very satisfied with this.
It seems that things are getting worse and worse, and the gentry finally can’t stand it, which leads to the instability of the state affairs.
It’s no small matter that the political situation in the DPRK is unstable, which will inevitably ruin a great wave of luck.
So once again, he played the role of dictatorship.
Will those who oppose the voice are pressed away.
Suddenly many courtiers were dissatisfied but were afraid to say anything.
Because the records of Zhang Zheng and the second prince of Yan have no mouth like Fan.
Without this minister, others dare not say too much.
In particular, Wei Yun Yikou’s move has brought the world and the people to the country. To question courtiers, he always repeats the dialogue with Zhang Zheng before.
Positions have moved out of the sense of honor, even if some people have opinions, they don’t know what to say.
Because the officials in the Temple of Heaven are not stupid, they are all smart.
How can they not know that it can not only increase tax revenue?
It is a good thing to treat the people.
What Wei Yun Yi said.
Ministers also find it hard to find excuses.
At most, it is said that this will cause Tianshi clan to resist.
But it seems nothing in front of ten thousand people in these Jiangshan countries.
Finally, Wei Yun occupied the wind, and at the end of the early dynasty, there was no minister to talk to.
Of course, we can see that some ministers are still very angry, especially those who represent the interests of the cremation, and they still don’t know what to plan.
Wei Yun Yi became more and more concerned about this. That’s how he wants to feel.
It is best for these people in the court to turn their dissatisfaction into action.