Lin Qing stared at Su Lu with a snort from her nose. "Su Lu, I thank your family for not intentionally!"

At an early age, the heart is so ruthless. One second, she still kills animals together, and the next second, she calculates human life. Even though she is prepared to guard against it, she still fails to catch it. Killing the hurricane wolf has taken up her energy.
Su Lu’s face turned pale when he choked, thinking that the bodhi old zu and others might be observing them, he swallowed his anger and said, "My younger sister must be so weird. What can I do?"
Lin Qing raised an eyebrow. "Do I have to smile and be grateful?"
"It’s a big deal to interrupt my leg and apologize to you!" Hum, with the bodhi old zu watching, you dare not directly open your eyes and start work.
Results Lin Qing immediately connect a way "good! Put your left leg out at once! If I break this leg, you must also break it! "
Su Lu one leng, why didn’t this person answer according to common sense? To her surprise, her consciousness retreated repeatedly. She didn’t want to really bury Lin Qing.
Lin Qing sneered, "Su Lu, if you generously admit that you have bad intentions, I would respect you for being a real villain."
"It’s a pity that some people will be pretentious!" Meirao connect a way
Su Lu saw that the two men didn’t pretend to be against her. She stood up and retreated, saying, "Sister Lin doesn’t understand me, but since you have injured the law and continue your trial, just be honest and resigned and have a good rest. It’s getting late. I’m leaving now."
Say that finish turned and walked to the wind.
As soon as Mei Rao’s long sword looked at Su Lu’s back, he looked at Lin Qing’s eyes and finally bowed his head and said to Lin Qing, "Lin Qing, can you signal someone to take you out of this array? I will teach you a lesson. I will go first and I can’t let that kind of person succeed!"
Say that finish bullet chasing su Lu.
Lin Qing wry smile since entering the wind array three people who don’t presume to move, and they were afraid that the snipe and the clam would compete for the benefit of the fisherman. I didn’t think that she was calculated to break the balance here.
The wind is still raging, blowing like a ghost crying wolf
She stumbled, dragged one leg, and looked at the gray front. There was a flicker of perseverance in her eyes. "Who said that I will continue to try? I will climb to the finish line even if I climb."
Thanks to the great cause of cultivating immortals, she can get twice the result with half the effort. She must fight for this quota!
On the top of the mountain, I watched the girl limping in the wind, dragging her residual legs, and a trace of sympathy flashed through her heart.
The deacon shook his head and regretted, "It’s a pity that this wind array still has less than half to finish. How can it catch up with the first two people at this speed?"
An hour later, the two of them entered the last place, while Lin Qing walked slowly in the wind.
The owner looked at the sky and then at the sleepy two or three people sighed, "It seems that the real brother is the first two, and this third little girl is also very good. If I have such perseverance and skills, I will worry that our door will not be carried forward."
People sometimes don’t encounter sudden separation in their lives. When you are sad and heartbroken, you are happy and happy. When you are ready, you suddenly hit the person or thing that is very important to you and suddenly leave you.
Mei Rao had another day.
There is always no wind in the late summer afternoon.
The red painted door of the frenzy mansion was open, and people kept going in and out. Suddenly, there was a heartbreaking cry in the main courtyard, and she lost her most important mother in this sultry afternoon.
In less than 100 days, my father married the mother before she got out of her 10-mile red makeup. She said that her elder sister had a stepmother since ancient times, and her stepmother had a stepfather’s heart the next year.
A young girl, Zaohui, has to defend her mother at an early age, and there is no blood fighting in the house after leaving a rich dowry. Every day, there are in-laws and your daughter can’t be bullied. These pickles bother her until one day she claims to be her aunt and daughter comes to the door, and she doesn’t know that there are fairies in this world, and she knows that her mother is a daughter who has abandoned her father’s self-cultivation and divorced from her family.
After that, she put away a fire left by her mother and burned the mansion. She rode the world of mortals to the mother family to look back at her glaring father and hypocritical stepmother. She laughed loudly. "I don’t have this small backyard."
She was ten years old that year.
After all, the sky dotes on her, and the mother family is gifted. She is still Miss Jiao Jiao, but her belief has changed. She is proud that she will never forget that afternoon and never understand her mother’s behavior and her tears. She hides it.
On the other side, the cobweb corner of the low-rise hut is cracked, and the old furniture is not awake. This is a dilapidated poor house.
Thin and thin, the wall in Su Lvwo’s house looked at several brothers and sisters coldly, fighting for a steamed bread and fighting for the blood.
Parents face the loess back to dry for most of their lives and still can’t feed several children.
It is different from parents, brothers and sisters who are honest and willing to work hard. It is because of this difference that she walked out of that small family.
Long-term hardship often makes people grow faster and can best hone their will.
Many people’s first reaction after encountering hardships and obstacles is to shrink back, then complain and finally muddle along, while the other kind of people will continue to benefit from their own advantages and know how to be better. Suspicion is the latter.
Water flows downwards and people go upwards. She has an unspoken ambition, that is, to go to the heights and trample all the people who bullied her.
Su Lu saw gold silk dresses and skirts fluttering, which she dreamed of dressing up.
Years old girl’s face is white and innocent.
That’s not her, that’s her lady.
That year, she also took the initiative to sell herself to Su Fu.
With her weak appearance and wit, she became the most favored little maid in the house.
When I was twelve years old, I had a chance to find out that the young lady had a fairy fate. She secretly tested herself.
That year, Qiuxian Road, her first murder, pretending to be a young lady, was taken back to Xianmen.
No one knows that she once had a name called Zhang Erya.
Born humble and low dust; It’s an unspeakable secret in Su Lu’s heart to be an impostor.
The last fantasy of demons
The two struggled.
At the same time, Lin Qing didn’t know when she passed through the wind and sweat, and a light hit her face and she saw a renovated scene.
Chapter 65 bodhi old zu difficult
The mountain leader looked at the dark clouds and the sky. "The first two people have been in the dreamland for an hour, and now their mood tends to be stable. It’s a quick breakthrough, and this youngest girl has just entered the final fate."
A younger brother asked, "Is it difficult to break the demon fantasy of Brother Zhang?"
The owner smiled, "It’s not difficult. These children are not yet sixteen, and they are not mature enough to build a demon. Real people will not be too difficult to test, but even the most elementary disillusionment is not easy for them."
Tangled in Su Lu’s dreamland
The cruel cultivation of immortals has revealed another world, which is different. There is no shortage of intrigue in Jianghu.
She continued to seek to continue by hook or by crook. This time, the election of the bodhi old zu of then was suspected to be a one-step opportunity. How could she give up? It was worth the cost.
The sad face of the family, the bleeding face of the young lady and those who have been designed by her are like phantom of the opera, and her eyes flash alternately, and Su Lu is afraid and hates.
No, it’s all because she doesn’t want her to tell herself that it’s weird. Those people forced this world!
She doesn’t want it all to disappear!
Wan fa you Dao
A sword hits the illusion and peels off like a broken mirror.
Su Lu was covered in cold sweat and gasped in haste.
And not far from her, another little girl walked out of the dreamland at the same time, and Su Lu’s pupil shrank with a jerk.
She looked up at the bodhi old zu, the head, the deacons and others who were in front.
And the girl in red in front of her is particularly harsh.
Su Lu lowered his eyes and clenched his fists for a moment, and then slowly loosened up.
Looking at the three little girls who walked out of the dreamland almost at the same time, I was surprised.
He set four tests to finish before sunset, which is too difficult for a sixteen-year-old girl! It is rare for one person to arrive, but it is unexpected that three people can finish it almost at the same time.
"Brother Su Lu visits the real person" Su Lu Dong knelt down.
"Brother MeiRao visit reality" The girl in red also knelt down.
"Brother Lin Qing visits the real person" is a little naive about this etiquette of kneeling, but Lin Qing is a little naive when everyone kneels and can’t break the chain at an important moment, and she immediately kneels with him.