It’s weird to do it and squint your eyes.

"How can the’ pay’ price be 80,000?" Two xiu asked.
"The price of each strengthening stage is also different, which is especially important for weapons. Otherwise, the market will not be chaotic when strengthening and strengthening a price. However, armor strengthening is not so important compared with weapons. "
After typing this passage, Tianyu continued to type, "Therefore, the price of each reinforcement is different, which leads to that some reinforced equipment is cheaper than the strong equipment, and it is not a little cheaper. This means that we should watch the auction frequently when the business opportunities are all right."
"So that’s it." Others in the group suddenly realized.
After two wheezes, I unlocked my eyebrows and gathered my thoughts again, but after all, I didn’t ask this sentence, "Silly bear, why do you even know so well about the new features just released in the game?"
Chapter 481 Future business opportunities
Day comes to March 3.
Abortion gradually took about half a month to help Tianyu collect the title of 10 thousand, and the 30 thousand yuan was replaced by 500 million, but the number of titles was not as impressive as expected
It is no wonder that the number of titles left after your first baptism is not too large, and the emergence of auction houses leads buyers to accept tiger titles, which can be auctioned directly for seconds without going door to door, even if the speakers shout, it is impossible for all sellers selling tiger titles to notice.
She collected 34 tiger titles for Tianyu, and each title averaged about 1.71 million.
In fact, the average price of the title is not accurate, because the game money received in each area will always be redundant and not enough to receive a title, so it is left in the account, which is not included in the statistics, and so is your side.
Although the quantity of abortion here is much less than that of your place, Tianyu didn’t compare abortion with your place. How to say it, the market situation is different now.
Get the data finally given by Xiaoyue, Tianyu has its own calculator to count the number of tiger titles in all regions.
There are 191 titles in Zhejiang, which cost about 300 million.
The receiving area of your office costs 5.6 billion yuan, which is about 32 thousand. There are 395 titles of soft girls.
The number of titles that Abortion helped herself’ privately’ was 34, with an expenditure of 500 million yuan and an amount of 30,000 yuan.
The total number of tiger titles is 89!
Although the tiger title hasn’t risen yet, Tianyu vaguely remembers that the price of the tiger title is roughly the same as that of 5 yuan after half a year. If the proportion of game coins drops by 1: then a tiger title is about 100 million game coins (
This game currency is not very convenient to calculate, so the cash ratio is different at that time, so Tianyu directly calculates it in cash
At present, the price is almost the same as that of a tiger in 9 yuan. In the future, a tiger can sell at least 5% and get rid of the formalities. What should be the net profit of 4 yuan?
Tianyu looked at the computer display figures and got a fright.
"This time is really astronomical …"
Six figures!
This string of numbers is displayed on the calculator.
Tianyu not only shook his hands but also shook his eyes.
If you can really reach this number in one year and continue to maintain this level in 11 years, it is not impossible to reach the standard in one year!
But thought of here, Tianyu laughed and sighed, "It’s not like there is such a huge business opportunity as tiger title every time …"
But Tianyu just sighed and quickly came to the’ bed’ to open his bag and take out his notes.
"And this time! The birth of the sacred synthesizer, I remember that at that time, the level 65 garbage Zuo Cao was 30,000, and it rose to 10,000 before the synthesizer came out, and it rose to 60,000 after the synthesizer came out! " Looking at the notes, Tianyu shines at the moment, and my heart is so thoughtful.
If the Holy Synthesizer goes well, it’s no longer a dream to make millions!
Then Tianyu calmly shook his head and said, "That’s ideal …"
It’s really ideal
Regardless of the post-sacred synthesizer, the title of tiger alone is too ideal.
Is the account number bought?
Gui and Xiao Yue can be trusted, but are their lines reliable? Maybe one day, these library accounts will transfer the assets.
Hackers are impenetrable, and if some people are stared at by hackers one day, there will be losses.
Moreover, the equipment is limited and there is competition with other businessmen. Will there be enough money then?
These are all unknown factors, and the actual business is definitely not so simple. It is easy to calculate through the calculator in the brain.
"Besides, there are two bones in this money, and they are more expensive than abortion. I gave her 31 tiger titles, so there are only 73 left. This calculation is also wrong."
Tianyu shook his head at the thought of this. If he knew that the auction house was out so soon, he didn’t need the help of abortion this time. After all, he could sweep the auction himself in half a month.
However, we must always look at the long term. The so-called one-time birth and two-time familiarity will definitely come this time in less than a few months. Let’s just try to test the water and send some favors to abortion.
Then Tianyu strolled around the forum and posted something.
"To update the sixth chapter?" Tianyu watched someone release experience news and was amazed.
"It seems that it’s time to get an experience account." Tianyu looked at the post and said in his heart.
The sixth chapter focuses on the awakening of priesthood and the birth of brave equipment
"An ancient suit appeared ……” mixed’ pieces of magic stone” This material was very expensive when it first came out." Tianyu immediately thought of an ancient set of materials.
But this is not a big business opportunity, because the’ mixed’ magic stone fragments have not been opened yet, so it is profitable to hoard goods and collect them hard, brush them hard and resell them hard after they come out
Then the group began to discuss an update, but found no big business opportunity to expect an update.
Another day, on March 4, Tianyu strolled around the forum and found a post that made him shine at the moment.
The name of the post is "I’ll tell you how to unseal the scarlet letter and increase the equipment"
There are pictures of gold’ color’ large crystals in the post, as well as pictures of contradictory crystals, concentrated’ fine’ marrow and pure bones, but there are no material names.
It’s natural. I’m afraid no one knows what the name of those materials will be changed after they enter the country except Tianyu.
"It seems that the scarlet letter equipment should not be far away." Thought of this, Tianyu recalled that the price of scarlet letter equipment had gone up and down.
"I remember that at the beginning, 30,000 pieces of scarlet letter equipment were sold, and the’ refined’ pulp could sell 10,000 pieces later, which was more than 70,000 … But it was too long to remember that it was definitely profitable anyway, and the’ refined’ pulp could reach nearly one million pieces at the most expensive time … If it was really 30,000 pieces of scarlet letter equipment, there would be a certain chance of being decomposed and concentrated, and then it would be a big profit to sell it again."
Tianyu gasped at the thought of here, and then I’m afraid the profit will not be worse when I move expensive and abortion receive the goods in their area, at least it should be comparable to the "stone project"
"One year is really a year full of business opportunities!" Tianyu’s mood is smoother than before, even though it is not clear how much he can earn in the future, he can’t help but want to steal pleasure when he thinks of the profits brought by these business opportunities.
Because he is now in the race of life, even a penny can be measured by his own life.