Li Fei smell speech even turned over several supercilious glances and finally chose to play dead.

The car stopped at the east gate of C Opera. "Do you want me to take you in?" Jiang Huaijin worried and asked
Li Fei pulled pull corners of the mouth "no"
Li Fei slammed the door with a car.
Then he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed a guy who needed batting practice. Just two words rang and he was connected [Hello-]
"You are a dead face paralysis don’t go too far! ! What is it to secretly calculate me? ! I wish you no seasoning bag after eating instant noodles! ! Selling milk tea is a paper straw! Eating watermelons is watermelon! There is no crab yellow when eating crabs! ! !” Say that finish don’t stay there to reply Li Fei then simply hangs up.
Then more think more gas directly to Jiang Lianqi all way to pull the black.
Fuck you! Old quit! He doesn’t care about all the shit activities after that. The most important thing in college is to study!
Charles inexplicably took the words away for a long time. It happened that Jiang Lianqi had bathed and came out around a bath towel. When he saw Charles, he was also one leng. "When will you come?" Shouldn’t you be training at the club? "
"Today, the coach allowed us to take a day off and continue training," Charles explained.
"The winter league is coming soon, so you’d better have more snacks. After all, this is the last three years before you retire." Jiang Lianqi woke up.
Charles nodded frequently and then remembered something that seemed to pass the mobile phone to Jiang Lianqi. "Jiang just had a message for you. It was your little lover. I answered it for you, but he spoke too fast and almost shouted it out. I didn’t catch it." Then he looked at Jiang Lianqi with a face of apology.
He knows his Chinese well, so why should he answer others’ words? He didn’t hear anything, which helped.
Jiang Lianqi took the phone and was in a good mood. "It’s okay. I probably know what he called."
Charles looked at Jiang Lianqi with a look of worship. "Really?"
Jiang Lian Qi Nai nodded his head. What else could he do? Call him names.
What happened today was really his bad play, but he didn’t expect Li Fei to scold him for such a thing. It seems that Li Fei was really scared.
Jiang Lianqi thought and thought, but it would be bad to apologize to Li Fei for forcing people to be nasty. But when he called, he heard a cold mechanical female voice.
Jiang Lianqi hung up suspiciously, then sent a message to Li Fei and found a red exclamation mark next to the message box.
Jiang Lianqi realized the seriousness of the matter. He shook his head on his forehead and drove people into a hurry. What should I do?
Looking at in situ Jiang Lianqi Charles waved in front of his eyes "Jiang? What’s wrong? "
Jiang Lianqi said in distress situation that "nothing" was just driving his baby into a hurry.
Li Fei stormed back to the dormitory. Shen Yanchu was shocked and asked weakly, "What’s the matter with you?"
Li Fei stared his one eye "I have what? I’m fine! See you go! "
At the beginning of Shen Yan, he was scared to shake a sigh … Did Li Fei have a firecracker today? What the hell happened to make him so angry?
I noticed that Shen Yanchu was still looking at Li Fei on his side, showing a nuclear smile and asking slowly, "What are you looking at?"
Shen Yanchu withdrew his eyes and looked at his brain with a chill in his back. "No, I didn’t see anything!"
Li Fei cold hum without washing directly climbed out of bed and fell asleep.
At the beginning of Shen Yan, Yu Guang took a glance at Li Fei. What happened to this man?
If a second Li Fei fidgety voice suddenly sounded, "If you don’t want to be gouged by me, it’s up to you."
At the beginning of Shen Yan’s heart, he was shocked. Is Li Fei’s back long-eyed? !
This he completely afraid to look at Li Fei again, concentrate on watching the times without being beaten.
When he was a child, he was bullied by Jiang Lianqi and Li Fei, and he had psychological shadows.
In fact, he is still not afraid of a Li Fei, but Jiang Lianqi has many ghost points and means! There was never a time when he didn’t get beaten. Later, he learned that provoking Li Fei is equivalent to provoking Jiang Lianqi. Unless he is tired of living, he will provoke these two goods.
Shen Yan just finished feeling at the beginning of the words rang is a strange number "hello? Excuse me, are you …? "
[It’s been a long time since Shen Yanchu saw Li Fei, so please] Jiang Lianqi’s comfortable sound.
Although the sound is unfamiliar, who can this unique tone be if it is not Jiang Lianqi? !
Shen Yanchu was so scared that he was cold and sweaty. What are you afraid of? An ancestor just fell asleep and now he has another nightmare!
Chapter Erqi It is better to be a little deaf
"Boat today afternoon flight back to A city to attend the film conference" Jiang Huaijin said while driving.
Li Fei looked out of the window and asked, "Can you not go?"
Jiang Huaijin’s face is "can’t"
Li Fei yawned and slept in the back seat. "I’ll take a nap and call me when I get there."
Jiang Huaijin asked, "Is your studies very heavy recently?"
"Fortunately, it’s just that the paper has been typed back and revised a little, and the rest is not busy," Li Fei replied with his eyes closed in the back seat.
University life is long or short. Four years have passed in a flash. In these years, he has made two plays and a film in total, and most of the time he is studying at school and enjoying campus life.
At the beginning, I promised to shoot the second part of "Fantasy Flower Moon", because there was a gossip that the hostess was changed, and the netizens did not buy it, and the investors also withdrew their funds, which led to a half-shot.
I’m going to the film conference this time. I just finished filming the war movie last year. He played the male No.3 in it. He also read a lot of historical documents in the first half of the year, trying to figure out the characters and trying to restore their roles to the greatest extent.
Never in body double, he also asked Fang Lian-ning to find an opera professional boss to learn the figure. Although it is not so professional, it looks like it has been very good that he can toughen his bones in just half a year.
I can’t believe it will finally be shown this year. He is still a little excited at the thought.
The car drove smoothly to the airport and stopped. Jiang Huaijin softly shouted to him, "Wake up, boat, here we are."
Li Fei slept lightly when he came. He woke up as soon as Jiang Huaijin called him.
Rubbed his sleepy eyes, yawned and got off the bus.
As soon as I got on the bus, I was surrounded by my sister, who had been waiting here for a long time, and the bodyguards also started their own work
The sisters went crazy and shouted at the top of their voices, "Ah! ! ! Li Zhou Li Zhou, look this way! !”
Li Fei immediately started business after waking up, and he looked at it with a gentle smile and a noisy face.
"Ahhh! Cubs! Mom loves you! "
Li Fei’s mouth twitched without a trace. "You look younger than me!" What’s wrong with fans now? What’s wrong with a man who doesn’t have two hairs on his head and always calls people a bite of "mom loves you" and "mom loves you dearly" Now you’re a mother?
"Li Zhou Li Zhou paper preparation? Do you have any plans after graduation? "
Li Fei sighed, "Are you a paparazzi? There are so many questions. "
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!" I am so happy! The entertainment king is not just talking! "