"What did I do?" Oriental male some puzzling.

"aren’t you a flower thief sneaking into a boudoir?" Nishang asked confidently.
"Flower Picking-Thief" Chihiro Oriental couldn’t wait to bite off Kouga’s mouth. "I don’t have to call me uncle," he said overbearingly.
"You are not a flower thief, so will you come to my room to enjoy calligraphy and painting?" Dress arms crossed on her chest.
"Well, I got into a little trouble. The officers and men are arresting and planning to stay with you for a while." He said that the clouds are light and the wind is light, just like saying that I was thirsty when I walked, and I passed by your house to ask for a glass of water.
Nishang gave him a hard look. "What if I don’t agree?"
A flurry of footsteps started with the sound of people listening to Yu Xuan from far and near.
"Is it convenient for you to meet each other when Miss Xiang and Gong come?" Laner’s dress didn’t finish bathing, so she reported back.
Oriental Chihiro’s hand is close to the throat of Nishang. "Little girl Cong, don’t talk nonsense."
The dress didn’t hesitate to knock off his hand. "It’s my brother Ye Lingfeng, the little god of war in Ningguo outside. Be polite to the young lady if you want to live."
You have a lot of strength! He smiled wryly.
When the dress made signal with the lips to the bottom of the bed, Chihiro Oriental knowingly lifted the curtain of the bed and got in, he was so credulous, but his intuition told him that this girl would not betray him.
Walking out of the door, I saw a soldier with fresh armor behind my father and brother. "But something happened in my father’s house?" She straightened up after the ceremony.
"Dress-up, this is the palace guards. They followed all the way into the palace at night. A thief lost his trail near Xiangfu. Father, your brother is in the hospital to help search. Don’t let the thief go." Ye Shenhua’s words solved everyone’s doubts
"Sister, is there anything unusual in your hospital?" Ye Lingfeng scanned his eyes to the room and asked earnestly.
"No little sister just heard Laner leave in the bath before she knew that dad and brother had come over, which made my brother feel sad." She was very grateful to this brother who loved her.
"Dad, brother, the thief may not have gone far. Sister, it’s a small matter here, but there are still noble people living in our house. It’s the most important thing to be safe there."
"Let’s go to the Light Language Institute for weeks." Ye Xiangguo’s daughters are all treasures, and the guards dare not say anything and quit Listening to the Rain Pavilion.
"I’m so noisy that I’m tired. Laner lifted the bath bucket room and cleaned it up the next day." The dress was eager to dismiss everyone
"People are gone, please come out".
"Thank you, girl." Oriental fuels.
"What did you steal from the palace?" She asked curiously
"Hey hey palace what is worth my coveted? Little ye’s family is rich. I’m just itching to test how tight the defense is there. Who wants me to be unfamiliar with the route and disturb the patrol guards? If I’m not afraid of revealing my identity, just a few guards don’t pay attention to it. "
Sex! Proud and charming! Nishang is very polite to him.
"Girl, I remember this favor today. I’m the first mountain villa in the day. Oriental Chihiro, please keep this token. Oriental aristocratic family will promise you one condition."
Haha, I made a lot of money, and I couldn’t restrain my ecstasy. She made a mistake and met the first villa young master.
Chapter 34 First Life King
"Whew!" An Oriental Chihiro went back and broke through the window again.
"Little girl, you know the details of Xiao Ye, but Xiao Ye doesn’t know who you are?"
"Ye Nishang" doesn’t have a redundant word. Will he look down on her with her eyes slightly lowered?
"oh? It turns out that you are the King Ning who abandoned the princess. "He suddenly realized that the sample is very owed to Laner to report back to her and talk to her father and brother. Can’t he hear the martial arts society?
"Exactly." Her eyes showed no shame and cowardice, and her eyes were clear. She couldn’t control other people’s thoughts, but she could make herself feel guilty.
His eyes whirled round and round in her body, and she felt that 36,000 pores swished in the cool wind, and the evil spirits of laughter and charm were bottomless.
"Ha ha, it’s a pity for him to miss a stunning beauty." He smacked his mouth. "Now it’s hard for you to marry into the halls because of his tiredness. Otherwise, my brother will be kind enough to take you in." He is full of mass at the right hypochondrium.
"Get out" She threw the vase at hand. How did the first village of Tian Yi produce such a thing?
When the ape stretched out his arm, the vase returned to its original position by mistake. "Girl, if you really have that day, remember to come to me." He jumped out with a little toe.
I don’t know how long it took before the lights in the house dimmed and I fell asleep in bed.
A black shadow is hiding in the night and rushing to a certain place in the capital. How attractive a woman is! It’s really not worrying at home and outside.
Princess Shangyang of Meiyuan is the only sister in Beijing. She is deeply loved by the first emperor. Shun ‘an Emperor has a deep affection for her brothers and sisters. When she came back to her mother’s home, she became a hot figure. Ladies and gentlemen rushed to send posts to meet the guests. For half a month, the princess was kind enough to prepare a banquet to reward the distinguished guests.
Some prominent families have received invitations, and some school-age girls are busy cutting new shirts and creating hairpin rings, which is also a good time to find Mr. Right
Ye Jia received two invitations. Mrs. Liu is the mistress of the house. It is natural to hold up the facade of Ye Jia. Who should go to the other one? Liu Mengyao made a whisper. If the dress is an office girl, it is in line with the rules. The dress has never participated in such a grand event for a long time. It is best to take this opportunity to make a blockbuster. However, Lin Guifei prepared a gift early and gave it to Princess Ning Wang, who seems to be more qualified to attend than her own daughter. For a long time, Mrs. Liu always sent someone to send the invitation to Ye Qingyu. Alas, it is difficult to keep the etiquette sooner or later, which will bring trouble to her family.
Mrs. Liu came to the dress room listlessly, and she had to give her daughter an explanation. Naturally, her mother loves you, but some facts are necessary! Looking at her mother’s guilty look, she couldn’t help laughing. "Mother, you chose correctly, but you don’t worry about your daughter." She took out a red gold invitation from it and shook it naughty in front of her mother.
Liu Mengyao’s face suddenly turned from cloudy to sunny and asked, "What’s going on here? Niang was kept in the dark. "
"It was the Zi Xuan County Lord who sent someone to send her here. The princess allowed her to invite some friends. She thought of her daughter first."
"The child is a bit naughty but a bit nostalgic." Mrs. Liu lamented.
Mrs. Liu went to Meiyuan with her two well-dressed daughters.
Along the way, you can see beautifully decorated carriages marching in order one after another in the street, and occasionally hear a few pretty words, not just about the scale of the banquet, but those people who attend
The carriage stopped at the gate of Meiyuan, and a little maid put her foot down and reached out to help the lady and the young lady. The guests entered the mansion door and were guided to be taken into the living room. Miss Gong was introduced into the garden.
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"Sister, you’re here." Zi Xuan descended sharply.
"County Master is Well" Fashion Courtesy Week
"Sister, just call me Zi Xuan or call me my little girl." Zi Xuan affectionately took the arm of the dress. "If you call me the county Lord again, I will be angry."
"Good" dress readily promised.
"Sister hee hee, I mean what I say. Today, my cousin and some Wangfu and Houfugong will come. Tell me who the emperor loves me the most and I’ll beg him for you."
Dress face dyed rosy clouds, she quietly pinched Zi Xuan. "If you talk nonsense again, my sister will ignore you."
"Ha ha, you are shy." The little girl cried excitedly and ran away. "Ouch, it hurts me to death." The little man left the pie mouth with tears in his eyes. "Why don’t you have long eyes when you walk? Can you afford to crash the county owner? " My girl asked me a lot.
"Ahem, the county Lord is strong, but the king was hit by you and hurt badly." A deep man.
"Hey, it’s my second cousin." Zi Xuan looked up and looked back at her neck.
"Little girl, I haven’t seen you for a year, or it’s Mao Mao’s mania. Be careful when you walk. Don’t always lecture people. A gentle aunt at the girl’s house will teach you a lesson when she knows," said the man.
"That is to say, this time my second cousin won’t tell my mother Zi Xuan that you are the best." She hugged his leg and rubbed it. She turned around and waved to Nishang. "Sister Nishang, this is my second cousin Shou Wang Yun Feiyang."
Nishang came along. "I have seen Shouwang."