With the autumn moon, the forest lizard went straight to the mount lamb!

The mount lamb root didn’t expect this situation. Before fighting with the forest lizards, they either threw blade blades in the distance or tried to use their own saw to consume their physical strength.
But who can guess the idea of this forest lizard?
Unexpectedly, the mounted lamb did not consider it at the moment, and put on a defensive posture in situ, ready to resist the blow by relying on its own earth constitution, and then took the opportunity to counterattack.
The forest lizard rushed to the front of the mount lamb and slammed a knife blade on the neck of the mount lamb, but the mount lamb wouldn’t just let it attack its vulnerable position and move a little to let the forest lizard shoot it down on its back.
In the view of the mounted lamb, the forest lizard’s attack is just futile. It has made such a desperate attack by defending itself in no way.
After the mount lamb is attacked and missed by the forest lizard, it will concentrate its strength and head to the forest lizard on its left at the moment.
Hard horns from the top, when everything seems to follow the idea of mounting a lamb, the forest lizard smiled proudly.
By virtue of its high speed and high flexibility, the forest lizard dodges to the right of the mounted lamb to avoid the menacing blow from the other side.
At the same time, the biggest weakness of the lamb itself is placed in front of the forest lizard!
The long-term victory against the forest lizard family made the mounted lamb unconsciously take a little underestimate of the forest lizard. Although it was unaware of it, the forest lizard was very keen to find this.
Although the two are similar in grade, they are a lot older and have different degrees of careful thinking.
Forest lizards are green in their physical qualifications, and they are still in the main development direction of feeding. It has taken so long for the Alliance Feeding Center to reach the level of more than 30.
However, the strength of the mounted lamb has risen rapidly, and every strength of the forest lizard has been honed over time. Its mastery of strength is incomparable to that of the young mounted lamb.
As the saying goes, ginger is still a great mount lamb, so he fell into the forest lizard trap because of his simple psychology.
The forest lizard knows what it will be like to mount a lamb after attacking it like a fool, which is beneficial to the mount lamb. When facing his own clan, he is too arrogant and cleverly lures the other side to show his weakness.
At this moment, Lao Li did not mount the lamb, but struggled to raise his front hoof and failed to land. His abdominal weakness was also exposed to the forest lizard
The control power of the forest lizard will take this opportunity to launch a series of attacks on the abdomen of the mounted lamb in its arms.
One after another, the knife leaves chopped and hit the belly of the mounted lamb. Although the high-speed and high-frequency attack on the forest lizard sacrificed some of its power, the mounted lamb was still greatly impacted and was directly hit by the forest lizard.
Crying painfully to a mount of lambs, only to find that they can’t control their bodies at the moment.
It turns out that the forest lizard didn’t intend to hurt the mounted lamb when it came, which caused the high-frequency and high-speed attack to shock the mounted lamb’s body and temporarily lost its ability to control itself.
Qiuyuan was also a mount lamb at first, and it was badly injured before it fell to the ground. After all, a rough-skinned mount lamb can generally resist opponents’ attacks, but not so.
But after a careful look, Qiu Yuan discovered that the ingenious treatment of the forest lizard could not help but admire the forest lizard.
This move is the first time that Qiu Yuan saw it, and it does not belong to the memory of the forest lizard population. It is more like it creates a unique skill by understanding the attack skill itself.
Unified exploration is to admit that Poké mon creates skills through his own understanding, but it seems that the move of forest lizard has not been perfected yet, and Qiuyuan can’t detect this skill information.
However, as far as the situation is concerned, it seems not so good to mount a lamb.
Is the confident lamb going to stop in the third race and be defeated by its restrained opponent, the forest lizard hand!
I’ll post the rest of the chapters later, but I want to wait and see.
Chapter 14 Miracle reappearance
Small grain raised his whistle in his hand, but took a hesitant look at Qiuyuan, because it knew Qiuyuan still had great expectations for the mounted lamb. What if the mounted lamb could get up?
I felt the small grain of eyes. Qiu Yuan looked at it with his head tilted and saw it at a glance. He whistled in his hand and guessed what it was thinking.
Smiling, he scratched his head. Qiu Yuan said, "Blow the whistle. Everyone is equally eager to win. There is no reason to favor anyone, otherwise the lamb will not be happy."
"Don’t be silly!"
Small grain puzzled nodded and blew the whistle in his hand, and at the same time raised the number plate with big and small numbers written on it.
This is the sixth time that the small grain blew its whistle, and at the same time, it held the "6" card high in its hand as if it were a thorn in the eye of the mounted lamb.
Mounted lamb tried very hard to get up and continue fighting the forest lizard. It didn’t want to fail here. It had to fight the axe-toothed dragon in front of Qiuyuan, and then Qiuyuan would see its efforts regardless of winning or losing.
How can you pour it here!
Strive to guide the power of free grass elements in the air to heal themselves, and at the same time, mount lambs and want to restore their physical strength through the photosynthetic capacity of straw mats
The forest lizard put his arms around the mounted lamb and watched it quietly and worked hard.