When they came to the water’s edge, they felt that the water was cool, smooth and clear, showing that the fish were swimming in it, and they were sure to catch a handful.

Shu Lele smiled. "We have so many fish to eat today!"
Ning Yichen aimed the bamboo fork at the swimming fish for several rounds, and then he forked several pieces, each of which was white and bright, and held in the palm of his hand, cold and penetrating.
"such as? Isn’t this fish beautiful? " Ningyichen sipped his lips and asked with a smile
"Of course, beautiful fishing fishing lang is also very beautiful! How does the little dust process it? "
"What are you worried about with me?"
Ning Yichen instantly pulled out flint, salt and other materials like magic tricks. He tore open the fish, put salt on it, strung small branches and made a fire to roast it.
Shu Lele was stunned by his pampering. How can I do these things with ease as if I often do them?
I can’t help but ask curiously, "Dust, how did you do this?"
"When I was a child, I often went to the wild with Jun Shaoyan." Ning Yichen answered lightly, but Shu Lele obviously felt the vicissitudes of his tone
She found that she didn’t understand this man more and more, and there seemed to be many secrets hidden behind him, which he didn’t want to tell himself.
Don’t say it, don’t say it. He always has a reason not to say it! Shu Lele comforted himself so much that he was in a good mood immediately.
Smelling the faint fragrance of grilled fish, Shu Lele was drunk.
"Give me one and I’ll bake it!"
"Will you?"
"Of course I will! I roasted chicken. Wow, that’s delicious. The sound suddenly stops here. That chicken seems to have caused a fire and burned down the winter snow garden.
Embarrassed to look up at Ningyichen but see that he is also meaningful. Looking at his lips is a playful smile.
"That … I didn’t mean to!" She faltered and even she couldn’t help laughing.
"It’s okay! You are the one who said that burning is healthier, so let it be healthier! "
"….." Did she say that? Shu Lele blushed. She seems to have cheated!
But wasn’t that a long time ago? Shu Lele quickly calmly said, "Don’t worry, I will never burn this fairyland today!"
"Of course not. There are beautiful scenery and plenty of water here. If you can still burn it, I will throw you into the river to feed the fish!"
"Ah?" Should it be so cruel?
Shu Lele curled her lips. "Dust, you don’t really like me!"
"If not?"
"Because you like it here more than you like me!"
"….." What is the reason for Ning Yichen to stay?
I can’t help but smile. "Then I will show my love for Lele now!" As soon as he threw the fish, he jumped at him.
"ah! What do you want? "
"Naturally, Lele feels that I like her!" Someone is shameless to say
Listening to the firewood crackling in the fire for a long time, Shu Lele suddenly cried, "No, the fish is burnt!" "
"It’s okay! I’ll catch it again! "
"You wave!"
"If you waste such a wonderful time, it will be even more waves!"
Ning Yichen held a bamboo fork to fish again and went to Shule. The fish in the water mourned, but she mourned even more. She was so hungry!
It took a long time for Shu Lele to finally smell the smell of grilled fish again. She couldn’t wait to take a bite and didn’t care about the taste. Let’s fill her stomach first.
After eating for a long time, Shu Lele found that this fish is not as smooth and refreshing as fishbone, which is a must in the world.
If you can make some fish jelly from this fish, it should be very delicious!
Shu Lele’s mind was so moved that he smiled with a curved eyebrow. "Dust, when we go home, we will bring more fish back. I will cook delicious food for you to taste!"
"Who said wave just now?"
"If you lose the waves and eat them, it’s natural. Go and catch them. The more the better!"
When the sun sets, when they return home, they will have a lotus leaf to make a big bag full of beating fish.
Ziziphus jujuba stared at them for a long time before snapping tears. "Where have you been? I have been worried all day! "
Shu Lele was embarrassed to smile. "What are you worried about with the world around you?"
However, after this ridiculous line, it is better to do less!
She handed the fish to Ziziphus jujuba, gave a detailed command, and then went into the house to get ready.
VIP19, find a wife for big brother.
Jun Shaoyan, a full-fledged foodie, smelled the fishy smell so far and ran into the door and asked, "Does it smell good?" Are you cooking fish? "
Shu Lele blocked him outside the door and squinted and asked, "Did I say I would invite you to eat?"
"I didn’t invite myself!" Jun Shao Yan smiled and wanted to push her away and go inside.