Colorful bands of light surround the core of the star, and the inexplicable resonance is getting stronger and stronger, or he begins to feel more clearly.

As that feeling becomes clear, the resonance that was originally limited to special induction gradually forms a more intuitive expression in my mind.
It’s like being in an objective position and seeing a magical picture.
It was an endless expanse of starry sky, and it turned out to be a map of this starry sky. A white and golden streamer rose from the fourth sequence of Harley-Davidson, and it was flying this way at an alarming speed, followed by a group of people who were chasing after it quickly.
The look of those people is full of surprise and anxiety. Although there is no performance of energy level in this special picture, it can be seen from their speed that each one is the existence of the peak of the fairy statue and the law god.
Because that streamer disturbs the space, forming a powerful energy fluctuation, the pursuers dare not use the technique of space transfer.
The top fighting emperor and the god of law, they can’t catch up with the streamer, and God knows how fast that streamer is!
The distance between the streamer and the pursuer keeps widening …
The streamer and his planet are shrinking …
Chen Han suddenly thought of an amazing possibility. Since he set foot on the road to fix the truth, his luck has been so good that he is scared to death. That kind of treasure that can make any super power crazy and reach the top level of quality has been obtained and blended by himself.
It’s not the first time that he revised the records of Emperor’s Extremely Shaking Heaven. In fact, when he was still on the earth, it was an innovation to integrate the innate elite. After all, Junlong didn’t do it in those years, and the sporadic records in the mental method are for reference only.
Nowadays, it is easy to be short of one in the five elements of the elite, and it is precisely because there is only the last one, so when the white and golden light rises into the sky, it will form a special resonance and induction with each other.
All the elites of the five elements are integrated, and the five elements are integrated into one. What does this mean?
Chen Han doesn’t know, and he doesn’t want to know!
What he has to do now is not to be happy, but to think about how to get rid of those trackers. If the other party finds the baby in his own hands …
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Chapter 776 pentagram line
? Trackers are not only numerous, but also amazing in personal strength. Although the speed of streamer exceeds them, they are still within the scope of each other’s spirit. *//* Once you get the innate elite of five elements, the breath of sacred treasures disappears on yourself. What can anyone guess?
Don’t say that he has only a few people in his hand, even if he doubles it ten times, it is impossible to compete with the 30 million elite sent by the Kanpa Empire!
Never be found by the other party, or you will only die!
"Open your mind and get in the Wan Xu Zhu!" Chen cold hurriedly cried.
"What?" Hammer one leng.
Wan Xuzhu released a colorful glow, and the next moment Han Mo’s figure disappeared out of thin air, that is, at the moment when Wan Xuzhu appeared, the tracker, who was not far away, sensed the breath of this sacristy.
Hallows breath, of course, special distance can be sensed, not to say that the other party’s spirit can reach so far. It’s like hammer is here, and he can sense the breath of Halle Parker’s hallows. The two places are hundreds of millions of miles apart, and his spirit is far from that.
Although Wan Xuzhu is not a newly born sacristy, and the breath transmission is relatively much closer, it is still sensed by those people, but that is because of the particularity of the sacristy. The other party does not know the existence of Chen Han, and does not know which one is the owner of this sacristy.
When the time flashed, Wan Xuzhu merged into the Yuan God, and the breath of the sacristy disappeared.
Hoo …
Chen Han took a deep breath hard. In order to complete the five elements, he made up his mind to take a risk!
Body suddenly flashing back to the foot of the planet’s transfer matrix, this planet is just a main level planet, the official defense force is not strong, there is no real master, there are few passengers coming and going on the transfer matrix, and almost no need to queue up to get on the transfer matrix.
The inexplicable nothingness image in my mind became clearer as the time approached, and he stood motionless on the transmission array.
"hey! What are you doing? I just delayed everyone’s time, and now you are running around and standing still. You are deliberately looking for trouble, aren’t you? " The guards of the transmission array shouted at each other.
"I really don’t want to kill innocent people, but …"
All along, based on the principle that no one will attack me and no one will attack me, everyone he kills is his own enemy, but today he has no choice.
If you leave these people, his identity will definitely be exposed, and even if you get the baby, it will bring you great trouble in the future.
As the lowest level planet officially involved, the main level planet is only higher than the flood level planet in the uninhabited state among the habitable planets. Even if it is the strongest star master, it is just equivalent to the fairy cultivation in the sky, and there is no resistance in front of him.
In front of these wannabe, the breath as vast as the deep sea was released, and Chen Han said faintly, "You only have five breaths, or open your mind to me completely, otherwise I can only kill you. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t want to erase this short memory after the incident, I will let you go. "
"Damn, how dare you …"
The small leader of the garrison guarding the transmission array shouted, but he knew very well that the man in front of him was not what he could compete with, so he took out the communication crystal symbol at the first time.
Chen Han’s helpless sigh echoed in all ears, and the dark blue horse passed at first, and the little leader was immediately smashed to pieces before he could summon him.
So powerful!
Although the realm shown is only in the early stage of King Dou, even the ordinary King Dou in the middle and late stage is not necessarily his opponent through energy conversion.
In other words, the dozens of guards and passengers present will only be killed in the face of him!
Similarly, such a powerful player doesn’t care at all, and he doesn’t need to be held hostage or forced to let them be wannabe or something.
Before the five-breath time passed, all the people in the place opened their minds to Chen Han, and then Wan Xu Zhu slowly rose from the celestial spirit.
Whew, even a ghost disappeared around the transmission array.
That is, after putting away Wan Xuzhu, he quickly arranged a simple seclusion array, covering himself and the transmission array. To put it bluntly, even if he now enters the tracker’s spirit range, unless the hermit array is destroyed first, it is difficult for the other party to peep at his breath to judge his identity.
The magic crystal was placed in the groove of the spar table of the transmission array, and one hand was pressed on the logo of the transmission planet. He quietly waited for the arrival of that moment.
The white and golden streamer flew through the void and finally penetrated the atmosphere of this cosmic planet, flying in the direction of the interstellar transmission array.
It is no longer a strange picture presented in my mind. The naked eye can see that the streamer is approaching gradually. At the same time, there are a large number of top strong people tracking behind, each of whom can easily crush himself into pieces.
"You big ye of … run!"
Chen cold grabbed at that time without hesitation, and forgot the pain from the palm of his hand. The hand that always pressed on the logo of the transmitting planet pointed the coordinates of the next stop to a barren planet, and at the same time began to fuse the cheering ball of refining in the same way as before.
He knows that that is one of the five elements he finally lacks, which is theoretically used to increase the attack power-congenital Geng Jin elite!
Bang …
When the transmission array flashed a dazzling light, the figure of Chen Han gradually disappeared, and the defense force was pitifully smashed by Juli.
Hundreds of figures fell from the sky, and the man headed directly stood on the transmission array, without saying a word, and disappeared directly with a hundred people. Because Chen Han was the last one to use the transmission array, the planet he went to had a final record on the transmission array.