"Eldest brother …"

Augustine looked at Chen Han with a little bitterness until he received the boss’s "decisive" eyes, and then reluctantly handed a space bracelet.
Only 10% of the total sales, but Caroline almost fainted.
As she said, the total sales of 522 residential quarters is 28 times of all the wealth she has created with the help of family power for hundreds of years. In other words, today she just mobilized a group of experts to help, and the money she earned was nearly three times that of the past hundreds of years. Is there any faster way to make money than this?
They just finished dividing the money here, and Caroline didn’t leave. A large group of people walked into the living room with smiles on their faces under the notification of the emperor fighter.
Walking in the front is an old man, that is, Kaqi’s uncle and grandfather, followed by two middle-aged people, one of whom is Chen Han’s acquaintance. Duchenne, the foreign minister of the Principality of Defly in Fran Cluster, is Kaqi’s biological father, but the other one has never seen it.
Cage followed the three men, but came in and was the first to rush over.
Originally …
This kind of impolite behavior is not allowed, but several old guys not only have nothing to say, but also have happier smiles on their faces.
"Miss Caroline?"
When Kutcher’s uncle Guler saw Caroline, he was obviously stunned. Chen Han quickly stood up and said with a smile, "Lei Ze has met all the adults, um … this Miss Caroline must be known by several adults. Her gambling appointment with me expires today, hehe … this Katcher brother knows."
The bet had already spread in Franxing’s aristocratic circle, and everyone thought that Chen Han would lose everything, but it was their speculation after all, and there was always a gap between reality and dreams.
"I’m leaving."
The relationship between people from two countries is not much better. Caroline nodded slightly to several people and turned to leave with a serious look.
Of course, in fact, her heart is going crazy with excitement. As for what these guys are doing here, I can guess with my toes.
With the hot sales of the residential quarters in heaven and earth, a brand-new business model has appeared in the divine world, and Chen Han has become the person who made the first bucket of gold. As you can imagine, the next step will be centered on the Fran cluster, which was the first to receive news, and this model will rapidly expand to every corner of the divine world.
However, with tens of thousands of businessmen involved in this industry, various forms of residential quarters have come one after another, and the competitiveness has immediately entered a white-hot state. It is almost impossible to circle money like Chen Han, which will definitely lead to a sharp price war.
The crazy means of collecting money in heaven and earth will surely become a classic case in the business world.
But these are all things in the future. At present, the name Razer has resounded throughout the cluster and even more distant places, and it is directly equated with wealth. It is difficult for him not to attract attention.
"Brother, you are very famous this time!" Cage’s jaw is almost laughing.
"Razer, congratulations on your victory!"
Gule and Duchenne were all smiles. As Chen Han welcomed them to their seats, the maid respectfully served tea. Gule said directly, "Your handwriting is too big this time. It won’t be long before the name Razer is spread all over the business world, even the principality and the Campa Empire have to pay attention to it. Then you will face some difficult problems."
It can be said that the sale of dozens of clusters of residential quarters nearby has almost concentrated more than 10% of the folk wealth on this starry planet into his own hands.
Although those civilians don’t have much money, the base of civilians is equally amazing. Even if one person has only one magic crystal in his hand, it will add up to a terrible number. What’s more, although the rent of residential quarters is cheap, there are thousands of gourmet magic crystals within a ten-year period.
The existing wealth alone is enough for any country to covet, and the most important thing is the wealth that he may create in the future.
There are too many differences between heaven and earth and the previous business model of the divine world. These differences are creating amazing wealth, and the cold is the source of all this.
Soon, the wooing and suppression of business predators will become secondary, and the real threat will come from the country, or the top family in the country.
"What about the Polanyio family?" Chen cold solemnly looked at Gule, and the family in his mouth was the family where three generations lived.
"We are friends, always have been." Guller said without hesitation.
"There will be some cooperation between Caroline and me. I hope my predecessors can understand. After all, I also need the umbrella of the Kanpa Empire. But I can assure you that it is only a cooperation based on interests, and the relationship with the Polish Neo family, as the predecessors said, is a true friend! "
"I know, I understand, with Caroline and the power behind her, it’s hard to deal with you in the tooling of Campa Empire, just as I can guarantee the principality of Defly, and the official tooling won’t be hard for you. However, you must be careful of enemies from the dark, including the Principality of Defly and the Campa Empire, and even other neighboring countries. Your existence affects the interests of too many people, as well as jealousy. "
"Thank you for your guidance. Starting today, the Polanyio family will own 20% of the shares in heaven and earth, because we are friends."
50% of the profits were given to Caroline and the Polanyio family, but it seems that there are fewer friends. In fact, 20% of the Polenio family was almost taken for nothing.
You know, Caroline not only deployed a large number of experts to sit in various branches today, but also will be entirely responsible for the hardware facilities in the future operation. Land, buildings, taxes, layout of the enchantment circle, hiring guards, hiring staff, etc., all these will be laborious and costly things, while the Polish neo family needs little help except Chen Han occasionally, and other aspects are simply penniless.
If all the consumption is deducted, Caroline will actually get less than 20% of the profit, and that will be the way to share it in the future. Today, she only got 10%.
Augustine this time without any hesitation, directly put a space bracelet, respectfully sent to the front of Gule, but Kaqi grabbed the past first.
Spirit quickly explored the inner space of the hand ring, and his face turned red with excitement, then slowly turned pale, and he was short of breath and almost gasped: "Oh, my God … how much is this …"
They just got the news of the hot sales of the branches in heaven and earth, because they didn’t set foot in the business world in an all-round way, and they were not very clear about these sensitive data.
I only know that Chen Han made a fortune this time. As for how much he earned, there is no specific concept.
Twenty percent!
Kaqi’s spirit hung over the magic crystal in the space bracelet, and he counted it for several minutes with his powerful spirit, and finally he tried his best to exclaim, "Father … is crazy! I’m going crazy. Do you know how many magic crystals are here? You can’t believe it, a total of 780 trillion gourmet magic crystals! "
Include 522 cluster residential quarters with headquarter together, with a total sales of 3,893 trillion magic crystals. What is that number of 20%?
That’s right, 780 trillion!
Tickle …
The legs of the chair under Duchenne’s ass shook, almost destroyed by his out-of-control quarrelling under excitement, and he himself stumbled.
Pa …
Gule’s tea bowl was crushed on the spot, and his eyes almost jumped out of his eyes, breathing as fast as Kaqi.
A big family standing at the peak of a country, such as the Polanyio family, usually dabbles in business, but the development of each family is different. Like Caroline’s family, as a recognized business pride, she pushed her family to the forefront in the business field, but most top families are not very strong in the business field, including the Polish neo family, so their wealth is relatively poor.
Of course, the wealth of the family is not only from business, they have the production and taxes on the land, and they have huge resources allocated by the state treasury.
However, as far as business is concerned, all the commercial industries under the jurisdiction of the entire Polish neo family have less than 100 billion yuan in capital and profits.
"This is the share of rent in residential quarters. As for other aspects of income, everyone has seen that during this period, those competitors have been constantly suppressing, and they have not made any money at all. Instead, they have posted some money to hire experts, so I am afraid that dividends in other aspects will not be much in a short time." Chen cold said helplessly.
"It doesn’t matter … it doesn’t matter …"
When we met for the first time, Gule, who felt very serious, swallowed hard: "Razer, do you need anything else?" For example, how about training staff, and I decide to train a billion people for you? I can ask my family to give you some of the masters who have been secretly cultivated. These people don’t know outside, and no one will find out about our relationship. How about that? "
The so-called taking money to eliminate disasters for others, suddenly took a sum of money, enough for all aspects of the whole family to add up, and the huge wealth that can only be earned in one thousand years, he thought about what he had to pay, otherwise this old face would be too big to let go, so how could he not return the nerve to take money and leave?
Chen Hanwei smiled and waved his hand and said, "Senior, Razer will face all kinds of pressures in the future, including those from the Principality of Defly. Without the help of his predecessors, he can’t do it."