Then when the lawsuit hit Huang Zonghan, Zhang Qian Shan knew that he had been played.

When he came back from Huang Zonghan, the situation was more complicated than he thought.
Zhang Qianshan is a military attache, and it’s not too big. Few people are in two circles with the civilian, so he simply doesn’t know that Huang Zonghan and Baigui are suspicious. He is aware of the fact that Guangzhou civil servants are preparing to recover Guangzhou with the touch of a military attache. He has been thinking that Huang Zonghan and Baigui are going to be inside.
So he tried his best to befriend Zhu Jinglun and wanted to squeeze into the feast of recovering Guangzhou. Even if he finally failed, Zhang Qian Shan knew that those civilian officials had something to gain credit for, even if there was no credit, there was hard work.
When Zhu Jinglun asked him to come to Guangzhou under the guise of Baigui, he didn’t hesitate to come at once and lay the horses tired for three days before he recovered. What he didn’t doubt was that he always believed that Baigui and Huang Zonghan, two civil servants, took Baigui for granted together and let him come here with the approval of Huang Zonghan, an imperial envoy. Although Baigui’s verbal order was not in line with the transfer procedure, Zhang Qian Shan didn’t doubt that it was due to confidentiality or inconvenience.
Now think about it, he is a stupid pig. It is inconvenient for Bai Gui to be in Guangzhou, but it is convenient for Huang Zonghan.
Bai Gui, a governor, didn’t adjust his troops. As soon as he heard Bai Gui’s dispatch, he came running. As a result, he was scolded by Huang Zonghan. He moved out of Bai Gui and said it was the governor’s order. Instead, he was scolded even worse by Huang Zonghan. He didn’t even know the regulations of the adjustment. Ask him how this Qian always mixed up and threatened him to go back to Nanxiong immediately or he would join him.
As soon as I got back, my confidant came to tell myself that Baigui had given him an order again.
Moreover, this command is in conflict with Huang Zonghan’s command. Huang Zonghan is surrounded by Zhang Qian Shan on three sides. How can this military attache not be clear that this is the three gaps around Huang Zonghan? The tactical purpose is to force the enemy to escape, and the governor’s command is to let him attack the battery and block the enemy’s back road. Which one is the two people singing? One is to let the enemy run and collect the city, and the other is to stop the enemy from running and attack.
Tell Zhang Qianshan that it is because no one in Huang Zonghan can go to the south of the city and need a good soldier.
At this time, if Zhang Qian Shan doesn’t know what happened, he is really a stupid pig.
"Old trouble!"
Zhang Qianshan yelled at him. He knew that he was involved in a whirlpool that he couldn’t carry. He was involved in the struggle between the governor of Guangzhou and the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi.
Bai Gui and Huang Zonghan are obviously not the same, and it is likely that they are incompatible. Now the situation is that Huang Zonghan hits Huang Zonghan Bai Gui and hits Bai Gui.
So who does he help?
"What’s the matter, my Lord?"
When Zhang Long heard Zhang Qianshan say that he was in big trouble, he didn’t think about it yet.
Zhang Long is a confidant, and it’s not as simple as an ordinary confidant. Zhang Qian Shan told his troubles what Zhang Long didn’t hide.
After listening, Zhang Long frowned and asked, "My Lord, what shall we do now? Go back to Nanxiong? "
Zhang Qian Shan cold hum a "has provoked a SAO, now back to Nanxiong also can’t wash clean".
Zhang Qianshan knew that he must have made Huang Zonghan unhappy. Bai Gui ordered himself to lead troops to Guangzhou immediately. Neither Huang Zonghan nor the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi would be happy. If Huang Zonghan defeated Bai Gui in the end, Zhang Qian Shan would not be happy.
Zhang Long inquired, "What shall we do, my Lord?"
Zhang Qian Shan hummed, "What else can I do to go to Guangzhou?"
Zhang Long said, "Do you really play the battery?"
Zhang Qianshan sneered, "How can it be so cheap to go to the side in advance and wait and see what happens!"
He has caused a lot of trouble and can’t come for nothing. Now this situation shows that Xiangyong has an advantage to go to Guangzhou to see if there are any cheap ones.
What’s cheap about this? If Xiang Yong attacks the city, he will fish in troubled waters and rush in. If the foreigner escapes, he will ambush the foreigner. It will not be difficult for him to make a profit. Of course, if there is really no cheap to take, he will go back to Nanxiong, which is considered to have listened to Huang Zonghan’s order
No matter how you look at Zhang Qian Shan, you won’t suffer a big loss. A trip to Guangzhou is beneficial and harmful
It is better to let people tell Huang Zonghan that they have left for Nanxiong without telling Huang Zonghan.
In fact, Zhang Qian Shan quietly bypassed Guangzhou with his men.
This detour bypasses the Pearl River and is ten miles away from Guangzhou City.
Zhang Qian Shan made up his mind at this time that he would never start work without taking advantage of himself.
So let the men quietly lurk and send a probe to see the situation in Guangzhou, asking them to pay attention to whether Huang Zonghan Xiangyong has attacked the city and whether foreigners have escaped, and send a confidant to sneak into Guangzhou to see what Zhu Jinglun said again. Zhu Jinglun didn’t give him an explanation. This matter is endless.
Section 57 Desperate when it’s time to be desperate
Zhang Long Qian returned to Guangzhou and soon met Zhu Jinglun. After the withdrawal of foreign soldiers from the Guangzhou Governor’s yamen, Zhu Jinglun’s actions were much more convenient.
"metasomatism? Of course, I will give an account to the adults! "
In the face of Zhang Long’s general attitude of singling out crimes, Zhu Jinglun readily promised, but in his heart he sighed a blank sheet of paper. Qian Shan found the problem and was not so gullible.
Zhu Jinglun then asked Zhang Qian Shan’s position. He gave an account that Fu Li arranged for someone to personally deliver boxes of silver to Zhang Qian Shan.
Looking at a box of glistening silver Zhang Qian Shan felt that this account was not bad.
But when Fu Li received the message, he felt that these money roots were not money.
"These are the rewards from the governor’s adult for playing the battery, and the rewards are also rewarded. The governor’s adult asked him to be confused when telling Qian Zong that he should be confused."
"What does this mean?"
Zhang Qian Shan is not too white.