"Learning is not so scary."

Back home, Momo Peach sighed heavily.
"Do you understand?" Qu Xiaowan, they pay more attention to this.
If you don’t understand, it’s better and more fun to go to preschool.
"Of course I understand." Momo Tao stood up and was very proud. "I got the question right."
"My little brother taught me before."
"That’s amazing." Persimmon picked his eyebrows. "Eat quickly and go out for a while. You’ll have to hold your belly and dance later."
Momo peach immediately forgot what to say and ate it with a big bite. Soon the rice in the bowl was finished.
"I’m finished eating."
"Drink this" persimmon gave her a half bowl of chicken soup and handed it over.
"Alas," Momo Peach sighed deeply, touched her belly and raised her hand to drink chicken soup.
"I can’t eat any more when I’m full."
If you eat any more, you’ll burst
This contented little appearance made persimmon three people shake their heads and smile.
If there was this kind of food in the past few years, it would be a scramble to eat the bottom of the plate and lick it clean, but it would not be enough to eat
Fortunately, this is not the case now.
"Go out and walk around and send you to the art troupe."
It’s six o’clock now.
The art troupe starts training at 6: 30 until it is late. Usually, it takes an hour and a half, and the weekend is still the same.
Just walk for half an hour to digest food.
"all right"
Momo Taodai Xiaobao and the two sisters followed him out.
It’s just time for class, and people on the roadside come and go, walking and cycling in an endless stream.
Momo peach and persimmon are walking hand in hand on the roadside, and the breeze is blowing cool.
Momo Tao is happy to talk to Persimmon about what happened at school today.
Persimmon echoed from time to time, but kept silent most of the time until Momo Peach was sent to the art troupe and then wandered around at will.
Wait until it’s getting dark, wait until the street lamp lights up, wait until the street hooligans are active …
I caught a few more people who had nothing to do, and then persimmon met people at the door.
Little punk …
Comrade Public Security Bureau … It’s almost impossible to install.
As the days passed, Momo Peach became more and more accustomed to this day of studying in the daytime, working in the evening and getting paid at the beginning of the month.
By the beginning of November, the family will sit together and watch their salaries get paid this month.
Momo peach 1
Persimmon 18
Quxiaowan 1
Wu manzhu 5
The family gathered at the table, which was so happy that they kept their mouths shut.
"If this happens every month, who can compete with our family on this day?" Wu manzhu is excited
"That’s impossible. There are not so many peaches in Momo at ordinary times." Qu Xiaowan chuckled.
"It’s enough for our family to add up on weekdays." Persimmon can’t hide its excitement. No one will be unhappy to see the family getting better every day.