It’s incredible that Xiaoqi thought that he really loved Lanchen until he died, and there was no one in his heart. Even if he kissed Enron and Shexia Yan again, there was never anyone else in his heart.

Of course, there is no blue morning. When blue morning suddenly appeared in front of him, he wanted to make money with him, and he had more scruples about having sex with other men in front of him.
And after this life, he will not love Lan Chen, even he doesn’t want to see or hear his face or his voice, which makes him feel rejected.
Lan Chen later changed, and he saw it in his eyes. All this was just his gentleman’s illness, and even if he couldn’t see, he wouldn’t allow others to take over.
Xiaoqi doesn’t care about the common fault of dude. After a while, he will forget everything and never take it to heart.
When Lan Chen was more conditionally kind to him and close to Xiao Qi, he became more uneasy. If Wei Zhi betrayed him later, even if Lan Chen did more, he would not accept him.
The feeling is clearly separated from the kindness of Xiaoqi. He got a bullet and dug him out of the pit. Even though his life was once again taken back from death by Qingchen, Xiaoqi did not accept it as most people thought.
Help. Well, that’s kindness. He can give his life to repay kindness, but love.
He can sell his body for a lifetime of money, but he owes no one in this life, let alone Lan Chen, who was shot to save his life. He didn’t exchange his body for the fact that he knew he couldn’t pass himself, which was also an insult to Lan Chen.
Let Xiao Qi really put Wei Zhi in his heart thanks to Luo Sanshao’s help. When he entered Luo Sanshao’s body, he was also the last to say goodbye to Wei Zhi for so many years!
Xiaoqi is not a cold-hearted person, but he has seen too much human feelings in the club where people are mixed with snakes. He is a bit extreme, but looking at things from another angle can also be said that Xiaoqi can see the reality more clearly than the average person.
But then, somehow, one day, he suddenly realized that he was no longer repelled by Lan Chen’s closeness. He was vaguely looking forward to when Xiaoqi felt that something was wrong. He seemed to fall into Lan Chen’s black Okumo net.
Of course, Xiaoqi is not a pure little fresh meat now. He knows what this change means, but now he has too many concerns to think about. First of all, Lan Chen’s identity as a multinational group is well-known in the world, and Lan Taitai is also the sole heir of the Blue Family. This identity is not imaginable for Xiaoqi.
Xiaoqi’s passing through Wei Zhi is a bit nervous. It should be said that the sky is as black as a crow. Besides, Lan Chen’s identity is there, and he will be sacrificed sooner or later, or he will eventually become a captive toy of Lan Chen and will never be seen.
Thinking too much, carrying too many small seven escaped.
He wants to think about whether he and Lan Chen should continue to go …
You saw what happened afterwards.
Blue morning is here!
The tough way broke into his heart and he could never escape the net woven in the name of young master’s love.
Whether it’s true feelings or blue morning’s accidental love, Xiaoqi has already neglected that he has fallen into the trap and can’t extricate himself. He loves blue morning again!
Ali drove Lohan in the co-pilot seat and saw the young master’s eyes in the rearview mirror. Even tough guys like Lohan came out of the army and saw this emotional scene passively.
With the young master for so many years, Lohan knows that his young master looks noble and gentle, but no one has really put it in his heart except his parents and the Chiang family. Even in the early years, when a young master competed with a beautiful woman, he didn’t mean to let them swipe their cards to blow up famous cars and luxury houses, but Lohan Bai’s young master wanted roots, but it wasn’t these reverse women.
Lohan once thought that his young master could not find a lover of his choice in his life, and in the end he would find a woman with a similar family background for business marriage like other rich families.
But now I see the young master’s warm eyes in the rearview mirror and shake hands. Although Lohan is a blue bodyguard, he is really happy.
Ye Xiaoqi, this child is almost the same as him. Lohan is one of the few people who know about it.
He used to be a soldier, and he admired Xiao Qi’s friendship with Xiao Wu more. Enron can do everything in his power, and the blood brothers can do the same. Then if you can also treat the young master …
All the way, I saw that Xiao Qi, the young master, loved and hated him most clearly, but he hoped that Xiao Qi could stay with him forever, because his young master seemed to have given all his love to Xiao Qi, even with his own life.
After escaping from the blue house, the young master once heard a word from his wife.
[Protect Ye Xiaoqi. If the child dies, there will be no master]
To Lohan’s surprise, Madam knew everything and never stopped it.
Compared with the Wei family’s parents, the blue family is more admirable, which is the biggest reason why Lohan was willing to stay as a bodyguard at the beginning.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Ugly daughter-in-law see in-laws!
Entering the gate of the main house is a tree-lined path, which is flat and wide. At first glance, there is a feeling that the lawn of Lanjiayuan is neatly trimmed and radiant even in the cold winter. The towering trees in spring seem to have grown a little more than a few years ago. If someone strays into the main house of Lan’s, they really enter the national ecological park.
With the development of the RV, the unique European architectural style of the Blue House is striking. The Blue House has a big family, dignified and solemn, but romantic style. Naturally, it is the result of the painstaking efforts of the master. Xiaoqi knows that the Blue House is also among the best in international luxury houses.
But at this moment, Xiaoqi really doesn’t want to drive. Should he face Mr. and Mrs.?
"Want me to hold you in the door?"
Lan Chen has already got off the bus first, and now his hand is on the door, and he looks at Xiao Qi with a smiling face and makes a final struggle.
Xiaoqi stared at Lanchen and gritted his teeth and got out of the car. He swore that he saw Lohan and Ali in the corner of his eye and couldn’t help stirring up his shoulders.
"It’s not call you daoshanhuohai what are you shaking? It’s not like you haven’t seen my parents before. Are you afraid of eating you? " Lan Chen is still blowing in Xiao Qi ‘er with a bad smile.
Smell speech, Xiao Qi got angry and lifted her feet and went to the gate. Lan Chen laughed behind her.
Although the momentum is very sufficient, he is already sweating after Xiao Qi. Damn it, this bastard master will always know that he is playing the string in his heart.
At the moment, people on the left and right sides have been waiting for a long time. Xiaoqi looked at all the strange faces in the past, but he didn’t find any former acquaintances. Xiaoqi was wondering why he didn’t see the big housekeeper, and the deputy housekeeper, Mr. Zhuang, came up the steps to meet him.
"Master Ye Shao, welcome home."
Mr. Zhuang, this little leaf really stopped Xiaoqi
"Mr. Zhuang … you can just call me Xiao Qi." Xiao Qi said that Xiao Qi, who had been called for so many years, suddenly changed her mind to call Ye Shao how to listen to it and how uncomfortable it was.
Mr. Zhuang smiled shallowly, and the fine lines in the corners of his eyes looked very close.