Chapter 690 Land and gold

As soon as I walked into the hall, the first feeling of cold is the hall on the earth.
In the center of the resplendent western-style hall, like high-tech holographic images, groups of houses, shops and land information are put in turn, which is similar to the magical power of mustard seed sumeru, resulting in a hall space of 300 miles in Fiona Fang, but the huge space is crowded with people.
It’s very simple to go through the immigration formalities, so the’ office’ next door is not crowded at all. The key is that there are not as many people who have gone through the immigration formalities as expected.
Why are there more people in the expensive real estate transfer center than in the immigration formalities?
It’s very simple, because there are a lot of speculators here. Except for a few people who are really buying real estate, most of them are buying and selling real estate.
"It seems that … some modern commercial means have been popular here …" Chen smiled and shook his head.
"What did you say?"
"Nothing, let’s have a look first."
Chen Han stared at the constantly rotating real estate information, and soon understood the transaction form here, which was also the management mode he had used in Shuiyunlou-auction.
The Fran cluster has an amazing ability to absorb gold. As the’ capital star’, Fran star is called an inch of land and an inch of gold.
There are several kinds of real estate here. The cheapest is the land or houses outside the city, which is relatively less safe than the city. What is important is that it is almost impossible to be used in business. Of course, as a tourist planet, not all land outside the city can be bought and sold at will. Only a very small part of the official regulations can add artificial traces, otherwise it will not destroy the natural environment.
Next, among nearly 100 cities, large and small, houses that can only be used for residence are more than ten times more expensive than land and houses in the wild.
Of course, there are also houses in the city, and there are also 369 grades.
Cities have different levels of prosperity, and living in different cities is like the difference between third-tier cities and provincial capitals. Even in the same city area, there are high and low points, so there are amazing gaps in the residential buildings in the city on this Franxing, under the same area.
The third kind of property is naturally a shop, and it is also the most expensive one. How expensive is it … Didn’t you see that even Chen Han, a local rich man, was panting?
"The 10-meter pavement of Greer Street in the north of the city has three floors, with a service life of 100 years and a price of 40 million gourmet magic crystals. Where is Greer Street?" Aubrey’s forehead is full of cold sweat. Even as the grandson of the Defense Minister of Raytheon Empire, thirty million gourmet magic crystals are also a high figure for him.
The stranger next to "it’s a small street with few people in the north of the city" kindly answered his question.
"A small street? Ten meters of pavement? Forty million gourmet magic crystals? "
A middle-aged man standing in front turned his head and looked at him with disdain. He snorted, "This is no place for the poor."
This sentence obviously has the meaning of disdain, which makes Aubrey, who has lived in a class family since childhood and has a powerful position, angry.
"What do you want?"
Chen Han found his stirring anger, grabbed him in time and whispered, "If you don’t even have this patience, why do you still do such great things?" Regardless of who the other person is, can you provoke him? Even if you rush over and beat him now, it will show that you are superior. What we are talking about here is money, a magic crystal. If you want to prove that you are better than others, the best way is to overwhelm each other in wealth. "
"I …"
"Now we are auctioning a piece of land in the south administrative bureau of Fran City. Interested guests please pay one thousand pieces of gourmet magic crystal and go to auction house No.5 for bidding."
A voice rang out from the loudspeaker. There are a large number of houses and shops where real estate speculators hang up, but the real transaction is not just in the lobby. When you take a fancy to a certain property, you must wait until the property is auctioned, and then you will have a chance to get it through bidding.
Fran Star is the core of Fran Star Group, Fran City is the administrative center on Fran Star, and the south of the city is the most prosperous core area in Fran City.
The ten-meter pavement of a small street in the north of the city, which is not prosperous, will cost 40 million pieces of gourmet magic crystals for the shops on the upper and lower floors.
Then, what about the whole piece of land somewhere in the south administrative region?
There is no doubt that this will be an astronomical figure that will make people collapse.
Fairy knowledge swept all the storage rings, and Chen Han provoked a subtle smile: over the years, tens of millions of men have plundered wildly, bringing back not only a large number of natural materials and treasures, but also fairy stones that are even more terrible than astronomical figures, which is enough for him to squander.
However, he is not the kind of two sai-jo who only knows the prodigal family. Those resources look amazing, but once they are placed on the development-level forces, compared with his almost beautiful dreams, they are a hundred thousand miles away. Now they are valued by Feather Xianmen, and the action of looting the planet has to be terminated. Therefore, while developing their forces, we must find another way to amass wealth.
Everyone knows the truth of living on empty land. Without enough economy as a guarantee, even the level power can’t exist for a long time.
If you want cows to produce milk and don’t want cows to eat grass, how can there be such a cheap thing in the world?
Besides, even if he impresses his men with "deep affection" and doesn’t give them any salary, he always needs all kinds of resources when practicing?