It’s her turn? Momo peach stare big eyes, this just the second to her Momo peach?

"I’ll go later" Momo Taotuijiao.
"Don’t be afraid to come," Qu coaxed.
Momo peach shook her head crazily and grabbed Qu Liu tightly, and then she arrived.
Looking at the dim cave in front of me, Momo peach feels bad and wakes up softly and waxy.
"Can’t see clearly"
So go back and get the kerosene lamp.
"Ready" Qu Liu smirked and took out a red color from her pocket.
Hand barrel
Just press the road ahead and you will see it clearly.
Shocked a lot of babies
"This is?"
"Hand barrel, Lin Qing and I borrowed it."
Facing all people’s worship eyes, Qu Liu is very proud of the light and sees the cave clearly.
The cave was covered with branches and leaves, because they just removed some leaves and the light in them also lit up.
They just happened to be in the place where there was a big stone, and then there was a big cave with holes. There was some wet inside, and there were some milky white ten pieces of water dripping at the bottom of the cave at the top of the cave.
Small pools of water have accumulated slowly. Besides, there are some weeds in the hole.
There are also a few common poisonous snakes.
Momo peach hurriedly closed her eyes and ears to make a crackling sound. After she opened her eyes, several koos rested in the cave. The snake has become a stick. Wait until a few people go back and then become chopsticks and snake meat.
Snake hissing
"There are four snakes here, just six of us will have one for two." A few cubs have business and quantity, and then they get more and more excited.
"There must be a treasure in the treasure."
"Let’s go, let’s go, let’s hold the sticks. We’re going to find the treasure." Qu Liu shouted.
"Treasure …" The cave kept haunting.
"Go that way, there is a small hole over there." Qu eyes found the cave sharply and then showed it.
A group of people walked happily over there.
"Be careful, this stone is slippery. Don’t fall." I accidentally fell down and woke up on National Day.
"Know know"
"Everybody watch the road."
Still very excited one by one.
Except Momo peach.
Woo-hoo, it’s so dangerous and dark. Momo peach shrinks in Qu Liu’s arms to find security.
"Okay, this is it. Let’s get in."
As soon as the hand barrel is illuminated, it is an endless passage. For adults, it is difficult to walk, but for them, children can just get in with little effort.
It’s simply that they tailor-made several children, and they are even more excited.
The third song of speech has been drilled in.
Then Momo peach was also released.
"Don’t be afraid that I am in front of you, Xiao Ni, and they are behind you".
Momo peach sighed and looked at the wet channel with a bulging face, followed by Aqiao and Xiao Ni, followed by National Day and Qu Liu.
Although this passage is not big, it can be passed, but it is obviously younger. It is the easiest and fastest for several people to climb up in Momo, but the National Day and Qu Liu are the biggest ones at the end and walk the slowest.
This passage looks small, but the distance is very long. Few cubs feel that they have climbed for a long time and still can’t see the top.
Even the frontmost curve is holding a hand barrel, and there is still no end in sight.
As the climb grew longer, a few cubs’ heads began to sweat, which made them feel very stuffy.
"Why don’t we climb back?" National day suggestion
"I can’t climb back too far and it’s not easy to turn around." At the end of Qu Liu, I shook my head and felt a little worried
"I see the exit."
"See the exit"